Down (but not out) and back to Bondi I go!

One minute healthy – next minute Pityriasis-rosea! 🚫 This week wiped me out but I’m back and Bondi beckons babyyy! 😅

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Hopes, dreams and plans – keep them alive

”Hope: a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen”

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Learning from lyrics, namely Jay Z’s 4:44 album

One lyric changed my week for the better – I hope this post will encourage you to feel the same …

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Dealing with a BREAKUP – what really happens when it all goes WRONG? 

Breakups are hell but after hell comes FREEDOM.

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The upsides of running & why you should do it!

This week I 110% got back on the running buzz. Over Christmas and New Year I didn’t go out once. With so much celebrating to do I knew there was no point whatsoever. In total… View Post