Lara is a Publisher on the Rest of World team at She joined global financial technology company, Finder, in December 2019 and values her job as one of the most important parts of her life.

She is extremely proud of what she has achieved professionally. She holds a BA in English Literature and also a Masters Degree in English Literature (specialising in William Shakespeare) from Cardiff University in Wales.

Lara kicked off her career in London, working for six years in marketing, across some of the world’s biggest selling newspapers and magazines.

Since leaving London to travel, in 2014, she has worked a number of marketing roles across different sectors including travel & tourism, finance, forex trading, fashion, retail and more.

Here you will find tips for excelling in business, notes on how to always believe in yourself and reminders on why your career is something you must always keep pushing ahead with.

Why I am looking for a new job (again) … | September 2016

A quick update as to why I was looking for a new job (again!), 3 weeks after starting. Written in Sydney, September 2016.

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From Thailand traveller to landing an exciting Sydney job | August 2016

From bedraggled Thailand traveller to securing an exciting job opportunity in Sydney – an eager look ahead to what was to come. August 2016.

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That time I thought I had found my dream job | July 2016

Written in July 2016 – a funny post to look back on, as I actually left the company two weeks after starting. Being ethusiastic doesn’t always trump all!

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Job hunting: I Want To Cry At Work Again | July 2016

Job hunting: My story and what I’m looking for. Sydney July 2016

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Work talk: Follow your passion | May 2016

Looking back over a job opportunity that changed her whole life – Lara talks about how important it is to follow your passion

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