Lara has extensively solo traveled. She explored Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Australia and Brazil (for the FIFA World Cup) through 2014 and 2015.

She has also traveled and/ or worked in Thailand, New Zealand and the Phillipines.

New York is one of her favourite places on the planet. Her ultimate love is her home, Bondi Beach in Sydney Australia. Lara first visited Bondi in May 2014 and knew she would live there.

Travel content includes advice, real life stories and lessons from such a long time on the road. Lara encourages everyone to travel and advises to go and do everything while you can. One life – live it! 

Lara Lain is (FINALLY) writing her first book!

With Gabby Bernstein’s ‘Bestseller Masterclass’ as my guiding light; I am FINALLY writing my first book!

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Larasstory – Canary Islands chapter 🇮🇨

Today I flew into the Canary Islands to dive into a stint of remote work, exploring and loving life as a solo traveler again …

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Places I’ve explored and loved

A snapshot love-in of some fave places to explore and live including Sydney, New York, Thailand, Bali and beyond!

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Extreme sports (ticked off so far!)

A celebration of extreme experiences thus far!

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Larasstory adventure archives: 2014, Koh Phangan Thailand

Appreciation post covering recently discovered footage from Thailand travels in 2014 … A look back on my adventures with Jen

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