New Zealand

Adventures and advice from my travels through New Zealand plus my time living and working in Queenstown – the most beautiful place I have ever seen!

NO FEAR – Showing the Nevis Bungy what’s what 

JUST DO IT! Throwback to a Queenstown day I’ll remember forever! 💫

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25 Travel Tips – create your trip of a lifetime

Hints & insider ideas for solo travel + beyond || 5 min read

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Queenstown take 2!

No big wordy post today – just a few snaps from the first 3 days of my return visit to Queenstown.  It’s been over a year since I left my life here behind. 3 more…

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Visit New Zealand, Queenstown [Travel]

Regarded as the ”Adventure Capital of the World”, shadowed by The Remarkables mountain range, capped with the ‘Basket Of Dreams’ … Welcome to Queenstown! Fly in over a rainbow. Make sure you book a window seat for your…

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Chasing The New Zealand Dream [Story]

Today marks the start of the sun setting on one dream and rising over another. My first year in Australia ends this month. I then fly on to New Zealand on Friday the 24th of…

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