After her first love, in her college/ university years and a follow-up five year relationship – Lara has been single since 2012.

In this time, short-term men have crossed her path but nothing has ever lasted longer than a few months.

Lara writes about relationships from her past, present and what she looks for in the future. The longer she is single, the more she values her self-worth so this single-streak may well continue until the right person comes into her life.

Along with her own relationship high’s and low’s; she talks about those of family and friends around her.

Here you will find honest accounts of good and bad times, including content that you can laugh with and learn from.

Last days of summer | Reflections, 9 years single & celebrating Pembrokeshire

Reflections on Pembrokeshire summer 2020, thoughts on 9 years of single life and celebrating the rugged gem of West Wales

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7 weeks in Cairns ‘’Look forward’’ 🙌

Reflecting on a rough 2 week personal-life blip. Relationships, family, work and beyond – let’s discuss learnings and being grateful for what is … ➡️

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Heart broken? So what now? … 9 tips for coming back from the dead

Surviving heartache is not fun, but it is essential – you cannot let a break up ruin your whole life. Here’s 9 ways to help you kick on …

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I turned to surfing to heal a hurt (and discovered a true passion!)

This week I started surfing before work – the more I go, the more I want to go! It’s so important to follow what you makes you feel good🏄🏼‍♀️

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Getting back to nature & letting it all out

A day trip to Morton National Park 🍃 plus a reminder to share your woes when you need to – it’s GOOD to TALK!

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