Lara openly writes many relatable posts that you may read and think ‘I’ve been through similar!’.

These posts are written honestly – in a bid to remind readers that we all go through a lot in life. Even when things are ‘perfect’, there’s often a piece of the puzzle missing somewhere along the track.

Lara covers relationships, travel, living the dream in Australia (but also living away from her family and friends in doing so!), bumps in the road and more.

Here you will find posts that you can relate to, laugh at and learn from.

2 times I regret & 14 ways to combat situations that are ”not ok”

RU OK? Reflections on two tricky times I wish I had handled differently … & 14 problems with suggested actions, for dealing with them like your life depends on it (because it does!) …

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”The dark side” | 28 life lessons @ 35

Reflections on 28 “dark” life lessons I’ve experienced during my 35 years on the planet!

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Get back to what matters

Sometimes you have to go back to basics to understand what you truly want. Here I reflect on past learnings and share some of my fave authors too.

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Your dreams matter

Now, more than ever – your dreams matter. Your dreams will take you places before your body has a chance to get there. Time to start planning!

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Lockdown life: See you in 90 days

Sydney confirmed for 90 more days of lockdown! I consider life beyond this desk and discuss what is / isn’t working for me, as covid-19 deepens her stamp on Australia.

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