Locked down in Bondi – The covid-19 diaries

No one could have ever predicted this would happen but here we are and here I am; locked down in self-isolation in Bondi since Friday 13th March 2020.
I am aiming to write every day during this time and am finding writing is helping me cope.
I hope my posts help you too.

Why I left Sydney and what’s next for Lara Lain

This one time, in Sydney … Here I (finally!) share some why’s around the crazy experience that saw me loving Bondi one-minute and back in Wales with my family the next …

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(Nearly) 7 weeks in | Lockdown life

A quick explanation on my lack of posts, as I’m about to hit my 7th week of self-isolation in Bondi Beach

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4 weeks in: ”I’m ok 90% of the time” |Lockdown life

18 thoughts on the last four weeks as Bondi lockdown life continues. Are we living in a time capsule?

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Don’t worry about being happy or grateful – just keep going

Lockdown life comes with challenges you didn’t even know existed before all this kicked off. Finding a way to ‘keep going’ is key!

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9 thoughts on the last few days | Lockdown life, April 2020

Sleeping patterns, comfort eating, social media clear outs and more. I share thoughts and tips on how Bondi lockdown life has been over the last few days.

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