Tips for better days

Lara Lain loves to share tips on how to live better days. These cover fitness, solo traveling, looking after your mental health, being productive and more.

Here you can expect hacks and ideas to encourage you live more positively, to be kinder to yourself, to do more for others. Give yourself the best chance to enjoy each day as much as possible!

Book recommendation: ’Better Than Before’ by Gretchen Rubin

Working on building a better you? This is a must read 📚

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Global Marketing Day 2019 – 24hrs of unmissable FREE content

All hail #globalmarketingday 2019 !!!

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Leaving your job? Do this on your way out …

When you leave a job what do you take with you? … Do this simple action (every time you move on) #justincase the future you needs a bit of help! …

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Remember who you are – 10 life lessons after (nearly) 6 months in Cairns

Rejection, being yourself. ”the best thing ever”, what dead people can’t do and more from Cairns so far ➡️

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Business advice by Lara Lain – 8 tips to shape a more successful you

Business pieces will undoubtedly be some of the best content I will ever write 👀 … My colourful career spans many amazing jobs in various countries. I hope to help push you to greater things ➡️

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