Tips for better days

Lara Lain loves to share tips on how to live better days. These cover fitness, solo traveling, looking after your mental health, being productive and more.

Here you can expect hacks and ideas to encourage you live more positively, to be kinder to yourself, to do more for others. Give yourself the best chance to enjoy each day as much as possible!

”Green for goodness!” > Happier you sound good? … Try this!!

Lara Lain checking in with those good feels!

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10 easy-to-action health and wellbeing tips

Daily journalling, sticking to your bedtime routine plus 8 other ways you can improve your health and wellbeing.

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How to appreciate your life more – 7 tips

Living with appreciation means having a good hold on your self-worth. It means you look on the sunny side of life. Here’s 7 tips to help you appreciate more …

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How to be reliable – 5 tips

You get out what you put into life. Being reliable is about being a good human. Here’s 5 tips to help you be more.

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How to wake up early – 11 tips

Waking up early is widely reported as making you more productive and healthy. I swear by it! Here’s 11 tips to help you get excited for that alarm in the dark.

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