Lara’s fitness journey includes running, personal training, bootcamp and trying new sports whenever possible.

Yoga, scuba diving and horse riding are (some of) her favourite activities to do.

Lara Lain is very passionate about moving and making the most of life through fitness. Get up and go! 

How to appreciate your life more – 7 tips

Living with appreciation means having a good hold on your self-worth. It means you look on the sunny side of life. Here’s 7 tips to help you appreciate more …

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How to exercise every day – 7 tips

Working out regularly is not just for the fit and fabulous. It’s for everyone and that includes you! Here’s 7 tips to help you be more active.

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How to feel proud of yourself – 9 tips

9 tips to help you value yourself more … Pride and self-worth means; A healthier mindset. A genuine appreciation for your physical-self. An understanding of who you are, at your core.

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No filter. Just good choices – 3 lifestyle changes that will have a huge impact on your life

A better version of you is available

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Finding The 440 run club

I am a firm believer in trying new things! A chance convo last week led to my first 4am wake up call for ‘The 440 run club’ …

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