Lara is very passionate about inspiring others. She always looks for ways to encourage you to be your best self.

These posts are written, from the heart, with hefty doses of inspiration to help you want to get out and live better days.

This category covers a range of topics including: general lifestyle, work, fitness, relationships, travel and more. You will find uplifting tips, hints and mindset hacks.

Don’t worry about being happy or grateful – just keep going

Lockdown life comes with challenges you didn’t even know existed before all this kicked off. Finding a way to ‘keep going’ is key!

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Get back to what matters

Sometimes you have to go back to basics to understand what you truly want. Here I reflect on past learnings and share some of my fave authors too.

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Your dreams matter

Now, more than ever – your dreams matter. Your dreams will take you places before your body has a chance to get there. Time to start planning!

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Locked down in Bondi

My honest account of 15 crazy days into self-isolation: What happened? What’s next?

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10 easy-to-action health and wellbeing tips

Daily journalling, sticking to your bedtime routine plus 8 other ways you can improve your health and wellbeing.

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