Aeroplane Mode – the importance of disconnecting

All iPhone’s have the ‘Aeroplane mode’ feature. But switching your phone off completely does the job too!!

I hope you are feeling happy in yourself today.

We live in a busy world, of that there is no doubt! Filled with things we all ‘need to do’. Lists to get ticked off. Appointments to attend. Important dates to keep. People to take care of. Daily challenges. Hurdles to overcome. Work that will, in truth ‘never be done’ … Because once we finish one thing, we have something else to move onto quick sharp. Life bowls on and we must Keep Up! Right?

… Yes & No! It’s great to live proactively and do as much as you can in 24hrs but we have to make time to mooch around in our own space too.


If you have the freedom to do so; I highly recommend putting your phone on ‘Aeroplane Mode’, whenever you can, to give yourself some you time. This keeps your phone powered up; so you can still use it for playing music but it means no one can reach you (until you slide the mode off).

You don’t always have to be available for FaceTime, calls, messages, texts, social media alerts, direct messages and emails … 👋 BRB!


If you make space to disconnect and essentially become unavailable to everyone but yourself you will find this brings you more peace and calm. You’ll appreciate more seconds in the day to get yourself together … More 🔌unplugged🔌 minutes means more energy once you are ready to be available again.

Making the most of your downtime can include:
– Napping (day time naps for the win!;)
– Listening to music you love
– Soak up the sun (weather permitting!)
– Exercise
– Yoga
– Meditation
– Getting some fresh air out walking / in your garden
– Reading
– Watching a movie
– Cooking
– Tidying your room / house/ garage
– Cleaning your car
– Washing your pet(s)
… Plus absolutely everything and anything else you can think of that gives you enjoyable space to yourself while being offline.

We don’t have to be available all the time. We didn’t come into this world with a phone in one hand and a laptop in the other. It’s crucial to be supportive and ‘there for’ others as much as you can but it’s also paramount to be there for yourself first and foremost.

When we take better care of ourselves we can give more to life’s situations and the people around us. And let’s not forget the fact that most things can wait! 😉

Thanks for reading – enjoy your Aeroplane Mode’ing ✈️


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