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Hello 2022! Lara Lain checking in from the UK!

// January 2022 //


Wherever you are reading this from, I hope you are feeling positive about your 2022 ahead. January is flying by -blink and you miss it – as ever!

Here’s the tips, tricks and links to things that I have tried and tested. I am 110% certain these actions can help others live a better life too. 

… These are the actions that ‘Lift me higher when I am good’ and ‘Prop me back up when I hit a bump in the road’.


1. Drinking water – Give your mind, body & soul what it deserves – aim to drink at least 2 litres a day (8 glasses)

2. Exercise – In any form. Whatever makes you feel good. In 2021 I tried my hand at surfing, cold-ocean swimming and hot yoga. I added these on top of my usual go-to’s of walking, running, yoga, the gym … Whatever I feel like doing on a given day; I do that. I am always moving. I live with a ‘’use it, or lose it’’ mentality. 

3. Yoga – I’ve been practicing Yoga since early 2020 and can proudly say I have taken classes in Australia, Spain, Ireland and New York. The more you do; the more you can do. Yoga lifts your whole life in so many ways – I sincerely wish for everyone to say ‘Yes! I do Yoga!’ … If attending a local studio is not possible for you, you have thousands of (free!) options via YouTube. One of the most popular teachers online is Yoga with Adriene

4. Meditation – If you ‘don’t know how’ to meditate; you just need to go and sit in a quiet space for 10 mins a day. That’s it; you’re doing it … If you ‘don’t have time’ then you are the person this point was made for; make time! Meditating makes a huge positive impact on your entire life. The benefits are boundless. Start small; a few mins a day. If you can work up to 10 mins daily (or longer!) you are really onto something special. Check out The Honest Guys for guided meditations.

5. Reading – I am always reading multiple books at a time. I ‘skim’ read so I can absorb information faster. I mainly read self-development / business but also dive into a fiction piece if it really catches my eye.
One of my ultimate fave books of all time is ‘City of Girls’ by Elizabeth Gilbert. Whenever I move location / go somewhere for work I always carry a heap of books with me – I feel like I can’t go anywhere without my books as my mental safety blanket. Two must-reads that always make my baggage are ‘Untamed’ by Glennon Doyle and You are Badass by Jen Sincero.

6. Writing – I write something every day. I write in my diary, whatever I feel. I write on my Gdocs on my laptop. I journal my thoughts and desires about my now and next. I plan. Or I just chuck everything down in scribbles and colours. Writing is so important and the beautiful thing is – you can say what you want; no one ever has to read it! … Not even you – you can just write, clear your mind and never look at the page again. Writing is one of the best ways to lift a weight off your shoulders. Check out ’The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron’ for more on this train of thought.

7. Goal setting – I spend a lot of time writing my goals for now, next and the future down. Writing your wishes down regularly brings them to life faster, believe me! Do it for everything! Your personal life, your career, your health, your fitness. Everything – set a goal and go for it!

8. Self care at home – Doing my nails, face masks, brushing my hair (this can take 2 hours sometimes!) … All the little things count and reaffirm how much you care about yourself.

9. Self care at a salon – Massages, manicures, pedicures, getting my hair done – Any and all kinds of treatment are so welcomed! Again; self care all the way!! So important for your self esteem and confidence in who you are.

10. Vitamins – I take 7 different vitamins a day. I carry them with me wherever I go when traveling / for work etc. Vitamins have been a staple in my life for the last few years … They are always with me and an absolute must-do. I buy them all at

11. Super greens – I drink this Green Vibrance super greens formula every morning. Again, I take it with me wherever I travel / go for work so I don’t miss a day … I researched this product and this (in my opinion) is the best available from everything else I could find in the UK. Buy it here at Again, I’ve been taking greens for years now. It’s something that is a crucial, must-do part of my day.  

12. Going offline – My blog is currently ‘offline for maintenance’ for the first time in 12 years! I felt like I needed some ‘digital downtime’ to give myself more energy for my real life world in New York. I have been pretty much non-present on social media for the last couple of months. Again; I needed it. Sometimes you just have to get offline to give yourself a moment. If you ever feel like you are looking at your phone and it’s giving you ‘I can’t’ or ‘I’m overwhelmed’ vibes then just delete the Apps that drain you. It’s that simple. All of your friends, family and connections will understand if/ when you resurface. Again – this is an act of self care! It frees up so much mental and physical energy it’s a game changer. 

13. Limit negativity – This comes in many forms; limit your time with people who bring you down, don’t watch horror movies, don’t tune into the news … There’s lots of ways to cut negative people/ situations ‘out’ or at the very least ‘down’ in your life. If anything makes you feel uneasy; think of what you can do to support yourself and help yourself feel better in that moment. Always aim to do the next best thing for yourself.

14. Up the positivity – Cutting out the negative means more room for the positive. What makes you happy? Who makes you feel ‘yourself’? What makes you laugh? What music makes you want to sing along? … Surround yourself with these things, these people. Fill your brain with good vibes as often as you can. Think of your brain as a ‘flowerbed’ and your actions as the ‘watering can’ – how many good things can you add to the watering can each day?

15. Spirituality – I have always been open to everything spiritual. I love getting my cards read, my fortune told etc. I’ve had various encounters that have reminded me how connected we are to worlds beyond our daily life. I always believe ‘’We are flying through the universe right now – anything is possible!’’. Check out Chani Nicholas for Astrology guidance. Check out Yasmin Boland for guidance on Moonology and more.

16. Podcasts – Spotify sent me my ‘2021 in review’ in early December. It reported that I listened to podcasts more than ‘85% of Australians’ (my Spotify account still goes through Aus!) … This worked out as 35,113 minutes (24 days!) of listening. I LOVE podcasts and aim to get even more listening done in 2022. I listen when working out, walking, running, driving, traveling etc etc – any excuse to tune in and broaden my brain, I’m there! If we are connected on Instagram check my ‘Podcast’ highlight for links to everything I listen to.

17. Self belief – Whatever you want to achieve in your life, no matter how big the dream or how huge the hurdles ahead might feel – it all starts with self belief. Take time every day to remind yourself of who you are, what you are best at and what you can offer to the world. Talk to yourself in the mirror. Write post-it notes to yourself and stick them around your house. Sing it out loud when you are driving – whatever empowers you to believe in yourself more – do it!!! … We all have something special, some kind of magic in us. We all have the right to dream BIG. We all have the open playing field of life to try our best to get things done in our lifetime. Never give up on your hopes. Remember your dreams are not just dreams – they are your guiding light to the things you want to make your reality. It all starts with self belief.


Whatever happens in your 2022, I hope you are always yourself. I hope you tackle any bumps in the road with poise and strength. I hope you find a way to always be positive, upbeat and happy – no matter what! … We have the whole year in our hands right now. Let’s take care of ourselves, of each other and make it count as best we can! 

Thank you for reading!
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Lara Lain 


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