”You are the maker of your own destiny”

Lara Lain larasstory Oct 21

Hi there,
Wherever you are reading from, I hope you are well and keeping busy making the most of your life.

I am here to share two quick things that I hope hit home for you, like they have done for me.

1. Words I heard on a work call early this morning, that will quite possibly stick with me for always ”You are the maker of your own destiny”

True. Words!!

Good, bad, happy or sad – much of what happens in our life comes at the cost of the decisions we make. Let us all agree here and now to make as many good life choices as possible, every day!

2. If you are looking for guidance, motivation or a big ol’ kick up the butt to get out and change something in your life for the better I highly recommend you read ”The Way of Integrity – Finding the path to your true self” by Martha Beck.

Books hold so much power!

Make a brilliant life choice to put this in your hands and see what Martha’s words do for your now and next. This is one that I will be recommending to everyone forevermore! Go buy it and let me know how you go.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back here writing again within a few days


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