3 ”Happier you” tips you can action today

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// October 2021 //

Hi there,
Happy Friday!

I hope you’ve had a good week. If not, don’t worry – there’s always today to make a change for better days ahead. Upping your self happiness, self care and giving yourself a few extra minutes a day to say Thank you is important.

3 simple steps I recommend:

1. Actually get out and buy that yoga mat! The one I am using at the moment cost €15 from TK Maxx. As long as it has a bit of grip, you really don’t need to spend too much to find your new happy place. Check this non-slip mat for less that £20 from Amazon. If you don’t know where to start with yoga, never fear! Check out Yoga with Adriene on YouTube for lots of free, easy, good energy practices.

2. Buy a pocket size book to carry with you wherever you go. My latest purchase ‘The Positivity Coach’ by Gill Thackray is perfect for flicking through whenever you feel the need to boost yourself up or you want to try some new self care tips.

3. Talk to yourself in the mirror. Use ‘I am’ and speak (very clearly!) about what you want to achieve, how you want to feel or how you really feel at the moment.
If you’re in a rough spot it could be a realistic but still upbeat talk ‘I am Xfirst and Xsurname. I am going through a tough time at the moment but I am strong and know I will be ok in the end’. Or get vocal with where you see yourself in six months, a year from now. ‘I am Xfirst and Xsurname. In six months I will be here. I will be doing x.” Looking myself directly in the eyes and using my first and second name always hits different for me – try it!

Yoga, uplifting reading and confident words for the happiness win – go, go, go! ☺️

Thank you for reading


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