Find your higher purpose

Whatever your age, your status, wherever you are reading from right now – can you answer me when I ask ”Do you know what your higher purpose is?”

Perhaps that’s a heavy question that invites boundless possibilities. Perhaps it’s too woo woo for you and you’re not prepared to go there. Perhaps you don’t even know what a higher purpose is.

My guess is; something sprang to mind immediately.
Whether that something is a part of your regular life is another matter. But if you quickly thought of something; it means something. Hold that thought.

Maybe you already ticked off the big five: Strong relationship, children, house, close friends, no money worries.

Maybe you proudly ‘have it all’ and you worked hard to make it happen. But what hovers above? What is your next level beyond all the usual stuff?

When I think of the people I admire the most, and I mean people I am close to – family, best friends, the people I work with. I see they all have ‘something more’ to offer to their world.

For example: Teachers, artists, care givers, charity workers, authors, public speakers. Those who are extremely generous in sharing monetary wealth. Those who openly share the intricate details they know about a particular subject.
Whether they do this daily, or they’ve gone those extra miles at some point in their lives – I am grateful to know these people who act with such vibrant purpose.

If you can’t think of anything ‘more’ that you add to the world beyond working, providing for your loved ones and doing the ~usual things, that normal people do~ you may well be missing out on sharing a gift you were born with.

These questions might focus you:
1. What are you naturally good at?
2. What makes you ‘feel light’ after you’ve done it?
3. What do you find easy?
4. What could go down a rabbit hole talking about for hours?
5. Do you feel at ease guiding other people to do a particular thing?

Instilling confidence in others is one of my gifts. My eyes view people with hope. I see positive things that they often cannot see themselves.
I naturally spend as much time as I can building others up in person, online and of course through the power of writing. I am everyone’s biggest hype girl – straight from the soul. I mean what I say. I know what I see and I talk with certainty. Because I believe it.

What skill or feeling could you focus on this week, with the end goal of helping others / the wider world? Go back to the thought that sprang to mind earlier and hone in on it.

You never know what difference you could make to someones life and it’s never too late to do a good thing. Every time you channel your gift, you do what you were destined to do. Never lose sight of what you are here for.

Thank you for reading, I’ll be back here very soon.

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