The importance of feeling free

Lara Lain Larasstory Fuerteventura, Spain. September 2021
Fuerteventura, Spain. September 2021

Finally! Australia announced international flights are expected to open up before the year is out. Hallelujah for everyone living on a pin prick waiting all this time to be FREE. Reunions with family, friends and loved ones beckon! Airport arrivals worldwide will be energy hubs full of relief and love in the months ahead.

Two days ago I shared my first post in a while, promising a ‘re-commitment’ to writing. Today I want to share something I already knew but have re-learned again this year. The importance of feeling free.

The feeling of freedom? What is it and how do we find it?
The word ‘Freedom’ itself is a noun, considered as ”The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants”

Sure, we can all remember childhood flashes of freedom with family or friends. But in current, here and now life – where does your brain transport you when I ask: ”Can you list the times you have felt most free in your life?”

A few from my ‘feeling free’ list
* 3rd January 2014. Rushing through the airport gates with only my backpack, passport and money to see me on my way. We could say this is an ‘obvious’ memory. If you’re not feeling free the moment you set off on a solo travel adventure then have you ever really felt freedom at all?!

* Galloping a horse through the national park in Lanzarote, December 2020.

* Last weekend I went to a party – the first of this kind that I had been to since February 2020. Disco lights, disco music and disco dancing amidst faces and voices I’d never crossed paths with before.

* My yoga mat is a free space where my mind expands, my body strengthens and the space between ‘me & me’ simultaneously becomes bigger, yet closer. If you know, you know. If you don’t; please get a yoga mat ASAP and see what whole new world it offers you – mine cost me 10 euro!

* The ocean. Hot or cold. It’s called ‘ocean therapy’ for a reason! If you have access to the water but don’t spend regular time with your body fully immersed in it, you are missing out.

Lara Lain Larasstory Bondi Australia Feb 2020
Bondi, Australia. Feb 2020

Of course, freedom is not all about how you feel in a location, or doing active things that naturally lift you up.

Your freedom of spirit often depends on who you spend your time with, how openly you can talk and how your mind reacts in your daily-life situations.

4 ways to feel free from people
1. If a relationship suffocates you; the sooner you actually take action on the red flags that someone is sprinting towards you with – the sooner you will be free to get back to your true self.

2. If you cannot speak clearly and be heard in a relationship, friendship, with family or whoever. It’s time to remove yourself from that situation too. Up your circle. Just because you may have history, or even family ties with a person doesn’t mean you have to keep butting your head against a brick wall. Allow yourself enough space to feel free.

3. If your thoughts are clouded, grey or confused and making it difficult to communicate. Or if said person(s) is not physically there but you can only think about them with knots in your brain; these are clear ‘fire exit’ situations too.
… If someone is making your mind suffer. Do the right thing, mother yourself when you need you most. Be brave and set yourself free.

4. If a relationship, friend, family member or even work colleague (whoever/ wherever) is making you feel trapped in your own skin in any way – if you feel it but no one else is aware; talk to someone.
… The sooner you talk to someone ‘normal’, someone outside of the situation in hand – the sooner you get a clearer picture of exactly what is happening. The sooner you open up to letting others help you; the sooner you can move ahead and feel free.

Feeling free is not all about running through the park with your dog on a Spring morning. Hugging your bestie. Or scuba diving into crystal clear water on the weekend after a busy week at your laptop. Your personal freedom is about feeling yourself in as many moments as possible throughout your day.

Your ‘free to be me’ moments add up across the day, the week, the month and so your life ploughs on with gusto. I currently find freedom in the ocean, hot yoga indoors or fresh air yoga outside. I free my mind when I delve into a book – I bought five new ones this week, yay me!! I free my mind further when I laugh with a friend or get something ticked off my list at work. I am always working on my future dreams and my ultimate freedom to be happy, doing what I wanna do, where I wanna be.

Your freedom matters and it is in your hands.
Thanks for reading, I’ll be back very soon!

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