”Allow me to re-introduce myself”

Lara Lain larasstory Sept 2021
September 2021 on Fuerteventura island, Spain

My name is Lara Lain and today, it’s time I re-introduce myself on my own blog!

This blog ‘Larasstory’ has been live since March 2015. Back then the first post was an upbeat travel story about a strong, fun-seeking girl solo traveling Don Det in Laos, South East Asia.

Since then I have explored extensively, including working and living in surreal places like Queenstown in New Zealand, Koh Phi Phi in Thailand and Cairns in Australia to name a few.

Before this blog I used to write on a platform called ‘Blogspot’, under a blog entitled ‘I feel like I dreamt it’ … perhaps not the ‘best’ name for a blog but at the time it captured exactly how I felt about life.

I was living it up, chasing all my dreams on the daily as I worked for Look, the UK’s best selling fashion weekly magazine. I saw London as my playground. Sleep was for the weak. ‘Nights in’ did not exist (ok, maybe on Monday’s) but I lived by ‘Weekend’s start on a Tuesday’. Oh my, I LOVED LIFE. I worked and played hard.

I penned that blog from 2011 – 2015. I didn’t realise its clout at the time but I amassed hundreds of Blogspot followers, a few thousand on Twitter and over 300,00 views on the website itself.

I honestly had no idea how my little community was growing. I wrote for fun and to share as much as I could about life behind the scenes in the fast-paced fashion world I loved so much.

I took that blog on the road with me when I left the UK, to ‘travel for 6 months’ in Jan 2014. At some point I decided I wanted to put my name to my blog. I wanted to go down a more ‘serious’ route of writing about travel, my career in different locations, life in general and of the course the ever-elusive relationship. In 2020 I realised I could no longer be giving out ‘relationship advice’.

– How to be single and make the most of your time solo – yes!
– How to bounce back from rejection and be resilient as heck – yes!
– How to understand that every ‘Mr. Wrong’ is life pointing you towards what will eventually be right – yes!
… How to hold down a serious / long term relationship – not so much … how can I give you advice on something I know so little about, right?

Fast forward to now and I am 36 years old, ‘officially’ single for 10 years and still of no permanent address. But at this point in my life, that’s exactly how I want things to be. I still feel there is so much more for me see, do and turn my hand to.

My career – as it was then with my first blog, is still my anchor. This December will mark 2 years as part of Finder – this is the longest commitment I have made to a job since leaving Look in 2013 (I loved life at Look for 4 years). And I write here and now with certainty that I have no plans whatsoever to move on from Finder – it’s the first job since I left London where I feel I can be my 110% whole self. If there is one thing I truly value in the workplace it is being myself. I love my job and will always be so proud of my career.

I appreciate I often mention my ‘single’ status but I do this because I am proud of who I am, of everything I have done alone – I mention it to remind other single people that it’s more than ok to be ridin’ solo through life. My life is so much bigger, brighter, bolder than a relationship status. I mean; read old posts like this and this to get an idea of the true picture of me and clap with me when I say; there is whole wide world out there kids!.

In the last 10 years since I started blogging; I have gone from daily blogs while back in London, to travel story blogs penned live from various epic locations on the road, to more recently the TERRIBLE STATUS of ‘hardly blogging at all’.

I am here today to put it out there that I am going to commit to writing again. To be completely honest with you – this year, while living on the Canary Islands (off the mainland of Spain) I have been communicating in English, Spanish and Italian. In speech, reading and writing.

Every day living with my head split between three languages and it’s only now – when I am clear-headed and English-focused again that I have realised how difficult living with three languages was. A challenge yes. An experience yes. But for me – I am not a naturally talented human with languages, I have to really try – so you can imagine it was difficult for me to say the least! I will always be proud of what I picked up, how much I tried and how much I could understand, read and speak in both Spanish and Italian.

But in fairness to my one little body and overstretched brain – the heat of the island life didn’t bring me peace and the urge to write, like I imagined it would. It made me want to get my work done, hit the ocean, then relax and keep cool. Writing and I really fell out of step.

It is very easy for me to sit here now and admit ‘I could have written my book this year’ – but there’s no point in looking back. I wasn’t writing because I wasn’t in the right headspace. I wasn’t in the flow. I even paid $1,000USD to do a writing masterclass but the book still wouldn’t complete itself. Framework, done. Title, agreed. Book; still not ready to go by a long shot! … And that’s ok. The opportunity still sits within me to get it written. If you’ve lost interest in my much promised-but never seen book I don’t blame you. Hopefully one day you’ll see my name in print and think ‘Lara Lain finally got it done!’

A couple of weeks before I hit 36 (August just gone) I started to share lots of ”35 years in 60 seconds” video content on my Instagram & Facebook. For some reason this 36th year really felt like a changing of the guards in my life. Usually every birthday I go all out, to celebrate the year gone by and bring in the year ahead.

I am always both super grateful and excited. This year I felt ‘different’. I wanted to share, share, share all the tips, tricks, lessons and wisdom I could. I felt a duty to get it all out, so that I could jump into 36 with a clean sheet. Whatever the reason within me, there was a very strong urge to have myself heard.

I knew what I was sharing was making a lot of sense. I believed in me. I knew it was helping others – the many private inbox messages I received were a testament to this.

Today I am writing to you because a couple of hours ago I had my cards read. Now, you must please appreciate – I have had this done many times before (perhaps 10 or so in total). I’ve had readings with some wonderful, eccentric characters in London, Thailand, New York and Sydney, Australia.

I am fully open to readings, cards and those special people who have the gift to see things that so many others cannot. As usual, I went today with an open mind and open heart ‘let’s see what happens’. I always go into readings in this way. I don’t ask questions – I wait to see what comes in.

Today was one of the best readings I’ve ever had – I say ‘best’ because the lady brought up so many things that had happened to me throughout my life, from childhood to what is happening for me right now. She knew many things good, amazing, bad, traumatic. She spoke in depth and with clarity. The cards laid on the table said it all. One of the things she touched on twice was my love for writing. My gift and how I must keep going with it. Well – if that’s not enough to kick you into gear – I don’t know what would be.

The lady reminded me who I was and also made me look at my history and honour myself, everything I had been through to get to this very day on this earth.

I am writing to you today to remind you; it’s never too late to pick up something you love again. Sure I could have written my book in 2020, or before. I could have blogged every day this year and the years before that! But the point is; I am here and now is now.

If there is anything you love that you know you should dedicate more time to, perhaps this is your reminder to give it a good crack again. To pour yourself into it, to essentially give yourself time to enjoy your life more and spread your magic. Perhaps today, my reading was in part to help inspire you too.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back here writing again before the week is out


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