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Hello everyone!

I am posting this to share examples of how I have helped others move their careers ahead – hopefully this info-dump can help you too!

… I am writing with a clear head after taking three days off work last week. I moved house, chilled with my puppy and took some much-needed downtime away from my laptop(s).


During my me-time I reflected on how I always do my best to help others in any way I can. I always find a solution (even if I am not in a ‘good place’ myself) … this is one of my superpowers!

In terms of ”awesome LinkedIn profiles” and finding jobs; I know what is needed to make it happen for you!

A profile full of content that is appropriate to your next step is a must!

A colourful format; complete with interesting facts that essentially presents you in the best way. The goal is to be heard, to stand out – in a world where LinkedIn is full of so many people potentially applying for the same jobs as you.


Last year I helped two people I have known since junior school days, way back when in Wales, UK.

I spent around 5 hours (each) to bring their profiles from basic / little information – what many currently have on LinkedIn – to something that potential employers may take notice of.

See images below & check the steps I actioned on both profiles:

  1. Updated EVERY section with their most recent information / work status
  2. Added a cover image
  3. Update their introduction byline
  4. Added finer details into their ‘About’ section
  5. Added ”Open for work” status
  6. Added ”Featured images” from previous jobs / projects so their profile was not just text-heavy but also offered visual colour for recruiters to be drawn to
  7. Included previous wins / statistics & monetary figures to be proud of (but always being careful not to share anything confidential)
  8. Created new / refreshed resumes
  9. In Craig’s example I added his new resume to his ”featured image” section
  10. Ensured they asked their contacts for recommendations
  11. Updated the backend of their profiles to ensure recruiters could find them and all location / jobs they were interested in data was correct

Craig’s profile received attention immediately – he secured interviews within days of this LinkedIn face-lift. Georgina also received a sharp uptake in profile views.

If you follow the above steps you will be in a much stronger position than the next person who applies with a profile that offers little insight / personality into what they have worked on so far.

If you follow my lead you can pretty much guarantee more views on your profile and hopefully find yourself leaps & bounds closer to securing a job you really want!

If I can help you please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly by comment or direct message! Please like / comment / share this

Thanks for reading, Lara Lain


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