Lara Lain is (FINALLY) writing her first book!

With Gabby Bernstein’s Bestseller Masterclass as my guiding light; I am FINALLY writing my first book and am posting this image here (from December 2013) as a reminder to keep on my creative path.

… This moment in time marked the start of a whole new life; I was about to jet off on a one-way ticket to Thailand – alone with just my (9kg!!) backpack, my savings & my passport

Over the coming weeks/ next few of months I may reach out to you to get your OK to be included in the book (if I know you personally!)

… I am pouring my brain, memories, body, heart & soul into this and can’t wait to share it with you (and the wider world) as soon as it is ready!!

!Watch this space! Thanks for your ongoing support!! Lar x



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