”Dream on, little dreamer” – a note on why your dreams matter

So, this is Bali Luigi today – age 8 weeks, 4 days. If he’s not sleeping at my feet / running around peeing everywhere he shouldn’t (#kitchen #bathroom #sofa!!!) … he’s like this. Curled up on my legs while I beaver away on my laptop.

He’s going to be the size of a Labrador so I’m making the most of these ”best pupalup!!” times while I can.

His current fave place to sleep overnight is on my head! Waking up with his puppy breath in my face is something I am grateful to have. No more mornings waking up solo. I didn’t realise how strong (not sure if that is the best word but it feels very, very apt!) I have been to power through many phases, locations and countless mornings of my life for so long on my own. Now I have Bali with me all the time, everything has changed. He is my shadow. Puppy life is HARD WORK. This post is 30 mins late as he just jumped out of my arms, cried loudly on landing, then limped for some time after. He seems ok now, hopefully he will be normal come the morning. If not; we will hit the vets asap.

His ‘teenage years’ will be a beautiful nightmare I’m sure!

*** *** ***

Right now, life is still crazy worldwide. We’re all experiencing the ongoing rollercoaster of the last year in our own ways. I’m sharing this post today as a reminder to say; maybe the dreams you had planned for the last 12 months / now didn’t quite pan out – but it’s ok to have NEW DREAMS that suit your evolving circumstances.

In fact; it is necessary!

*** *** ***
According to my 2020 diary; my life plans for that year, as written on January 1st 2020 included:
1) ‘Buy an apartment in Sydney’
2) ‘Be a Finder Queen’
3) ‘Get 1 Jack Russell, maybe 2”
… Well two outta three didn’t happen that’s for sure!!!
I hope I am still ticking that Finder box on my dreams of yesteryear.

With those dreams as a perfect example; please don’t worry if your dreams didn’t work out either! As the saying goes ”On the way to the dream; I got lost and found a new one”. Not sure where I first saw those words years ago but they speak to my soul.

Onwards we go.
Make new dreams. Big or small.
If you are in a sticky time of life make the dreams something achievable, so when you get there you can give yourself a round of applause.
… If you have the mental / physical / financial / freedom capacity to chase your BIG dreams then WHY NOT?

*** *** ***
I have new dreams. I have two places I want to visit in 2022 (hopefully). Beyond that I will always want to get back to Australia one day to dive with the sharks in Port Lincoln. This has been my biggest dream for as long as I can remember. Sharks are something that I used to be very curious about as a child. I often watched shark diving VHS videos, JAWS and read shark books with my Mum.

During my SIX YEARS in Aus I didn’t do it? WHY NOT?
… I was ‘waiting for the right time’. It was so important to me I wanted to share it with a family member, really-close-proper-friend or with the boyfriend (that never happened) Down Under.

One life lesson I learned the hard way and will take with me for always:
If there is something in you that feels IMPORTANT to you; act on it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. That shark dream of mine was top of my list yet I waited.

I am usually a doer, an action girl. A YOLO, no regrets human. But I waited; for the time that is still yet to come and now it’s a hellalot harder to make happen from my apartment in Spain, half a world away.

From last year onwards; I promised myself no more waiting. Because if you wait for others to join you; you might be waiting your whole life. If it matters to you that much; tick it off. If it is as amazing as you hope, then fingers crossed you may do it again with a loved one next time around.

1) Do what your soul needs!
2) Do what you fantasise about!
3) Do what you have visions of you doing!

Maybe you cannnot in this very second, or even overnight but MAKE PLANS.

Not pie in the sky ideas that have no chance. But something you can really work and plan towards. Be it personally, in your career, starting your own business, a trip with a loved one (even if it is just to visit a new part of your current country!) … it all counts and believe me when I say YOUR DREAMS MATTER.

Thank you for reading! Keep your imagination alive!!
@LaraLain (& from Bali Luigi; who was currently still on my lap as finished typing this; as per below;)


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