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It’s Monday evening as I type. Here I sit while my puppy runs around exploring the apartment, loving life. He does not care, not one iota, that he poo’d on the sofa TWICE today!
… Apparently me telling him ”This is a rented place boi! We have to look after it” means nada.
It is extremely hard to be angry with an 8 week old puppy. However; if he’s still pulling these tricks at the 16 weeks mark I may have to call the puppy police in to arrest him for bad behaviour!

I am writing to share an important message that life reminded me of over these last few days.

Let’s dive in

If you are ‘usually’ doing something creative;

For example; drawing, making clothes, writing, upcycling furniture, painting, tinkering with cars or building something with your bare hands out in your backyard.

… And you ‘haven’t done it for a while’; perhaps this is your sign to pick up your tools again.

As I mentioned on my blog a few days ago – last week I had a bad day (feeling ill physically and run down mentally). I needed a day off work to recover.

During that day I asked myself ”WTF is going on?’‘.

I am (usually) healthy. I have my new puppy. I have a beautiful apartment on a paradise island. I have a couple of good people nearby. I am blessed with great friends and family dotted around the world.

In the midst of the ongoing ‘pandemmy life’ we have become accustomed to; I am living a fortunate existence, one that I have worked hard for. I cried myself into my sofa that night and the feelings of woe just didn’t make sense to me.

I understood it was ‘one of those days’ and it ‘would pass’. Luckily and I think in RECORD TIME compared to various rough phases in my life up to now; I felt brighter the next day. I was determined again and looked forward to catching up on my lost day at work.

***** ***** *****

Over the weekend; when I was still a bit wobbly from that neggy vibes day; I did something I haven’t done in a long time; I wrote my ‘Three pages’ in the morning.
I simply sat with my pen and paper and wrote three A4 pages of whatever was on my mind when I woke up. I didn’t read it back. I just wrote and then went on with my day.

I felt SO MUCH lighter after putting my pen down. That small, fast act of writing reminded me how much I LOVE WRITING. It was time for me to blog again! I went on to share that post. It is one I am proud of – writing it reminded me how far I have come, in my brain and body, since May 2020.

***** ***** *****

The focus for this blog is to remind you that if/ when you feel blue or ‘detached’ (as I did last week!) try to take a moment to remind yourself what makes you, YOU.

Anything that reminds you ~who you are~ must be investigated! Get curious about yourself again.

Yes sure; sometimes you need a break from things – to reassess what matters to you. But whatever brings you freedom and just makes you ‘feel like you’ can only be a good thing. It doesn’t matter what it is. Or what other people might think or judge you on. What matters is YOU.

***** ***** *****

You may have seen on Insta/ Facebook but (with all of the above in mind) – I just signed up to Gabby Bernstein’s Bestseller Masterclass. A six-module course on how to write a bestselling book. It cost me $1100USD and I am certain it will be some of the best money I ever spend.

I believe in my love for writing. I believe in my ability. I believe I have a message within me that deserves to reach the hands of others in a book (not just in through a digital screen via my blog or social accounts).

Re-finding my spark was a lightbulb moment. These last days have concretely shown me that I need to SHOW UP FOR MYSELF and write the good damn book! 😉

Less talk. More writing!! and I am SO EXCITED!!!

***** ***** *****

Thank you for reading!

I will keep you posted with any exciting developments with the book/s. I have one idea firmly planted in my soul already – it came to me out of nowhere on the weekend.

It is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT to anything I have ever written before now but when I share it with you, you will understand (and hopefully love!) the concept! As with many great things in life; the things that ‘appear as if by magic’ need to be listened to.

Alongside the ‘magic’ idea; I somehow want to write a LIFE LESSONS / SOLO ADVENTURE TRAVEL / 10 YEARS OF SINGLE LIFE book(s) but I have so many thoughts on how these topics could go; I am super-keen to see how the training with Gabby focuses my intentions.

Thank you for reading. Create something for yourself ASAP! 🙂


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