”The year where everything happened really fast” … Reflections & projections

Lara Lain Fuerteventura 2021

Setting the scene
It’s 7.23pm on Friday 21st May 2021 as I write this. I am sat in my apartment in Corralejo, on Fuerteventura. This island is part of Spain and is 1 of the 8 ‘’Canary Islands’’. You’ll find me 60km off the coast of Africa.

Today has been a stuffy 23 degrees. Here I sit in my sports bra and black nike shorts. Red glass of wine to my right. Bardinos SOS puppy with liquid doe eyes and fang teeth, at my feet. Hair in a messy bun and standard no-makeup. I’ll brush my hair tomorrow, promise.

Facebook reliably informed me a few days ago; this was the month I left Australia last year. In May 2020 I time-traveled my way out of Bondi Beach life Down Under and back to the hometown where I grew up; Pembroke in West Wales.

My mind can just about comprehend what has ‘’happened for me’’ (?to me / around me?) in the last 12 months.

This happened:
1. Left Sydney (6 years after moving there in May 2014!)

2. Moved home to my Aunt’s house in Wales

3. Then moved again – up the road; to live with my Nan

4. When lockdown laws eased slightly I booked an AirBnB log cabin for a weekend in November 2020. I arrived home to my Nan excitedly proclaiming ‘’the Canary Islands are open for travel – I saw it on the news – It’s a sign Lar!!’’.

5. Took the sign: Within days I was booked for my Covid test in London, then onwards and upwards outta there on a flight to Lanzarote

6. I had grand (but loose!) plans of visiting every Canary Island, at some point, time was not on my mind.

7. One month in Lanzarote, including Christmas & New Year then onwards to here:

… I arrived into Fuerteventura in a rented camper van in the first week of January.

8. Moved into an apartment in the desert; goats were my nearest neighbours and island flurry dust was my new companion! Ooof!

9. 6 weeks later I realised the desert life had been an experience that not many people would ever be brave enough to do – living legit in the middle of nowhere brings up a whole new set of mindset challenges – believe me! I was #proudofme but my time had naturally come to move to more life. I remain grateful for the desert-down-time but onwards I needed to go… 

10. Moved into my current apartment in Corralejo #loveithere 

During this time I have:
A. Kept working with Finder, the company I joined in Australia in December 2019 – I used to be on the ‘Rest of World’ team. Since January have worked on the ‘Global’ team across Crypto, Share Trading and Money Transfers. I work with a big team spread throughout 28 core countries (44 countries in total) worldwide. 

B. Started surfing – I have a surf coach I train with 3 or 4 times a week. I feel the joy with Sebas in the ocean that I used to thrive on with Jax in the gym in Sydney … The nitty-gritty, the pushing me while supporting me, the process of 1-on-1 training is my perfect setup for progression mentally and physically.

C. Started Spanish lessons – 3 times a week. My 1-on-1 tutoring with Maria (my puppy’s fairy godmother! Maria runs the rescue shelter I adopted him from!!) is also exactly what I need to understand and get comfortable in my own skin as I try to tap into this whole new world of communication.

D. Adopted a rescue puppy, enter stage left Bali Luigi – tomorrow marks his first week with me! (surf currently on hold while puppy life adapting taking over!!)

E. Went through a phase of sharing ‘Better life tips’ clips on Instagram – they are all still on my page and stories; check them out for some positive vibes and simple-to-do’s.

F. Chilled the F out as much as possible mentally – somehow, one day I just felt like the pressure (from my usual self; from me to me) to keep ‘’being’’ and ‘’doing’’ was not so urgent. Enter stage right; a quieter frame of mind.

G. Stopped writing – I felt like I needed to switch off and enjoy life beyond screens more. So I went offline for a bit.

H. One of the most important happenings; I realised that just because I had ‘escaped’ the clutches of Covid-life in Wales – it didn’t mean people I loved (and the wider world) had. Being here humbled me, it took a moment (!!!). Initially I was high on life and hyped up with my new adventure … when I arrived to Fuerte I started to see things differently after a few weeks and realised that perhaps me being quiet was better for the world that knew me.

I. Back online for the love of the pupper; If you follow me regularly you’ll see a lot of Bali Luigi content happening now. He’s so cute. I want to saviour his journey and have fun with him. Keep up with my Insta if you love dogs 😉

J. I am now a volunteer for Bali’s shelter too! Super excited to get involved and help Maria, the wider team and ALL THE DOGS AND PUPPIES as much as I can! If you ever want to donate or consider adopting a rescue dog from here, please contact me directly 🙂

Reading this back now – I see I have ‘grown up’ (or simply ‘grown’?) in so many ways during this last year. I have done so much I am kinda exhausted by many things (#myself) that would normally drive me doo-lally with excitement … I just want to ~chill a bit~ … to ‘’give myself a moment’’ to enjoy LIVING without having ‘’the next big thing’’ lined up for definite. My Sydney six pack has gone, I no longer run 9km every morning at sunrise and train for an hour on top of that. And I am ok with these wind-downs. I think; sometimes you gotta!

After a LIFETIME (since I can remember anyway and I think my Mum would confirm;) of living 110mph it’s nice to understand that; now is good time for some inner peace, some soul understanding.

… With all of this in mind, I am pleased to share:

Today I signed a new apartment lease which will take me to the end of 2021. Come January 2022 who knows what life will look like for me then. Will I stay? Or will I go onwards?

Only I will know the answer when the time comes. In the meantime; working, surfing, learning Spanish are my priorities and of course let’s not forget Bali Luigi getting some time to grow into himself. Tomorrow he is 8 weeks old! I love him so much!!! >>>OMG STOP IT<<<

Thank you for reading!
I wrote this to see how writing (again) would make me feel and the answer is; GOOD! NATURALLY ME!
… So yay, maybe more blog posts to come soon, see how I feel.

Take care and remember; if you are having a bad day; a whole new day might arrive for you TOMORROW (this Wednesday I was ill, overwhelmed and felt like my head was caving in. I cried myself to sleep then took a day off work to recover. Somehow I felt ‘normal’ on Thursday) … it is amazing how our bodies work when we listen to them.

Whatever the situation; keep your hopes alive and believe in yourself (even on the rough days!)



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