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”Lara Lain doing Lara Lain things” Middle of the desert. Spain. 31st March 2021

Wow wow wee waa!! It’s been a while!!
… How did January feel like it was 7 years long; then Feb n’ March went by in a blink?! Adiós!!

I guess January felt longer than the rest of ’21 will put together at this rate. Anyhoo; here we are! April 1st! BOOM!!

I am writing to share a new self-development layer with you.
… I randomly added this to my day (for me, myself and I) last weekend. As ever, if something helps me; I am convinced it could help you too.

Let’s get into it! …

Last Sunday, while sitting with my laptop, at the end of the day I thought ‘What did I do today that was GOOD FOR ME? Did I even do anything at all???!!!’.

Nothing sprang to mind for a minute or two. Then I thought ‘I’ll write a quick list’.

I wrote everything I could think of that was a positive FOR ME directly. The list quickly became full of GOODNESS, as you can see:

It turned out Sunday had been an extremely GOOD day after all!!

I had actioned plenty of self-care, self-development and general GOODNESS for my body, mind and soul.

Since it had taken me to ask myself the question to remember it all; I thought it was a good idea to keep stock of this going forward. I added in days and decided on Green for GOOD and Red for DIDN’T HAPPEN for the days ahead.

So, here for you – I present this easy ”Green for Goodness” check list!
Anyone (yes, you!) can do this too.

You can use excel like I have. All you need is a gmail account; free and so easy to set up!.
OR you could write it out on paper.

I have actually created a free format for you here (simply click here to get yours now). Open the link then click ‘File’ then click ‘Make a copy’ to make your own copy (that no one else can see). This will then be automatically stored on your gmail drive.

How to make a ”Green for goodness” checklist work best for you:
1. Keep it simple kids!
2. You must be honest with yourself when reflecting – simply ‘Green’ for ‘Yes’ and ‘Red’ for ‘No’. There is no in-between
3. Reflect at the end of the day or early the next day at latest … Don’t follow up later than that, as your days will likely roll into one and you may find it hard to split out what you actually did!
4. Try it for a week
5. Try it for another week
6. See if you can keep going for a month … 1st April is as good a day to start as any right?

Spring officially starts in Europe now!!!
If you’re on the other side of the world, perhaps your actions will be things like ‘Start a new fitness class for Autumn’, ‘Put $1 a day in my piggy bank’ etc … You could think of it as a booster to help you buckle down and hibernate (while saving money!) over Autumn/ Winter.

If you are looking for inspiration on making your days more productive and happier, all round – please take some ideas from my own list, of course! Try whatever suits you or makes you think ‘I would like to try that too’.

Reward yourself: If your Greens outweigh your reds; you are winning at giving yourself goodness!! Every day you see a green-streak pat yourself on the back and keep those good feels going.

I really hope this helps you!
Take care of yourself, no matter what is going on in the world. That’s an order! There’s only one of you and it’s your duty to put your first.
… Please remember the plane-going-down example I always use; if you can’t put the gas mask on and help yourself first; you will never be able to help others.

Thank you for reading – please share this post with anyone who springs to mind. It might help them have a better April and beyond!

Sending you good feels from the desert


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