Larasstory – Canary Islands chapter 🇮🇨

Back in the happy seat!

Today I flew into the Canary Islands – near Northwest Africa but part of Spain, to dive into a life of remote working that extends beyond my bedroom and Nan’s kitchen.

Arrival was not without mischief; true to form there was a “story” to be told – including a very-near missed flight and my first ever attempt at driving on the left, in what can only be described as “the smallest car ever!”.

I’ve joined the TikTok gang and will be sharing daily clips there. Will also document via Instagram too – come join me! 👀

TikTok: @laralain_larasstory

Instagram: @laralain

There was a lot of red tape involved in getting out of the UK, so I kept it quiet until I got here. Incase it didn’t come together due to the ever-changing Covid rules etc.

But! Here I am and here I’ll be for the foreseeable. Working with my beloved Finder crew and spending my spare time being curious, getting lost in new places and loving life.

I am so used to living freely and travelling extensively for both work and play. All those years since January 2014 (out of the UK) meant Larasstory was “a real life holiday”. 2020 had seen just one flight back from Sydney in May and that was it, until now!

… I felt extremely grateful to be hotfooting it out of London this morning. My soul is excited for what’s to come during this Canary Islands stint.

I’ve started in Lanzarote. As soon as I left London I felt re-energised. I’m sure I will action lots of productive Finding while working in these fresh, sunnier climes.

Thanks for reading. Be sure to let me know if I can help you with any Covid travel tips 🙂


Thanks go to my Nan for inspiring this chapter – the plan came to life after she saw a news segment promoting the Canary Islands as a Covid-safe getaway for remote workers!

2020 ending on a high! 🥳

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