One life, live it

There’s no place like New York, New York!

Can’t stop thinking about America today! 🇺🇸 Can’t wait to get back there asap!! First stop New York! 🗽

Life has “paused” in so many ways in recent months but it’s also given an incredible amount of time to prioritise and make plans.

To get fitter physically and stronger mentally.

To make the right decisions; for living your best possible future from this point onwards.

To be ready to “go” as soon as opportunity knocks.

I have always chased my dreams, turning my imagination into reality time and time again. When you make your “dreams become plans” you’ve GOT IT! That’s it!!

There is so much yet to see and do. So much to achieve. So many wins to be had! So much life to live!!

I feel the good vibrations around the world, I feel my mind shooting like a star, I get goose bumps and feel light on my feet when I run.

I can’t wait for what’s to come and hope for you, wherever you are that you are making your own version of your “best life ever” plans too✨



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