Larasstory adventure archives: 2014, Koh Phangan Thailand

I recently discovered lots of footage from my travels during 2014 / 2015. I left the UK in Jan 2014 with a phone, an iPad for writing and no camera – this soon became a no-phone-either situation after my first visit to Koh Phi Phi in Thailand!

From that point on, I only carried my iPad with me. At the time, I was too busy living for the moment(s) to worry about taking pics and vids. Instagram and Facebook stories were not a thing back then. Even if they had been; I didn’t care. I decided I would get a phone sorted when I got to Australia in four months time.

As iPad’s are clunky ol’ things to be adventuring with, I used it sparingly.

Here’s a few from my time on Koh Phangan with Jen – a fellow Welsh girl I met in a pub in Bangkok. We were just finding our feet as friends here – we’ve since gone on to build an unbreakable bond. When you think of your friend whom has ‘seen it all’ and knows every side of you – that’s my Jen.

Little did we know what lay ahead at this point but Jen and I went on to travel Australia, Cambodia, Indonesia, New Zealand and Brazil (and more?!) together.

From that fateful night in Bangkok – we built a life that felt like a movie. We were the leading roles, the main acts. Our scenes ran on adrenalin and overflowed with laughter. Our set was a colourful world that was free, easy, big, bold and daunting but very rarely frightening. Together we could take on the world and that’s exactly what we did!

Here’s a few from that time where everything was new, wild and beautiful.

Koh Phangan is an island that ‘has it all’ – if you get off the beaten track on a scooter you’ll find jungles, hidden beaches, yoga sanctuaries and many secluded spots to eat, drink and be merry. It’s not all about the world-famed Full Moon Party. But if partying is your thing (like us, he he!), the Waterfall and Jungle events were a must too!

We stayed at Tin Tin’s. Her bungalows were on the far left side of the main Full Moon Party beach Haad Rin. We loved Tin Tin and the spot was far enough from the mayhem but close enough to run up the beach barefoot whenever you felt like it.

I went back to Koh Phangan five times during my four months solo traveling SE Asia. If / when the world opens up – put Koh Phangan on that bucket list to tick off! Go say hi to Tin Tin for me and also be sure to visit The Sanctuary and ask for my friend Faith, tell her Lara sent you and give her a big hug for me ☺️

Cheers to the memories! Jen I love you now and for always!
What a time! Live your dreams!!


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