Last days of summer | Reflections, 9 years single & celebrating Pembrokeshire

Larasstory-Sep20-Barafundle bay-Lara-Lain

Barafundle cliffs – one of my fave spots, 10 mins from home!


Hope you have enjoyed a sunny weekend wherever you may be reading from. Pembrokeshire has been glorious! I forgot how good September is at home. It’s like this final ‘’hurrah!’’ before we slip n’ slide through the colder months ahead. 

To be fair, it’s been consistently lovely since I touched-down from Sydney, in May. I feel like 95% of my memories have been sun-kissed. Autumn/ Winter will be my first here since 2013. While the cold will be a shock to my little body, I’m looking forward to making the most of indoors-time working on my book and other passion-projects.

See below for some of my fave photos from May to now. Settling back in has been a whirlwind but it’s also brought much-appreciated calmness too. Being able to spend time with my family and my oldest friends has been really special. There’s nothing like it after 16 years away exploring Cardiff > London > THE WORLD! 

I miss Bondi but I’m not tearing my hair out over it. I’ll always plan to get back when possible but I’m in the right place and am grateful to be here.

See those pics below to give you an understanding of Pembs. One of the best bits about it is; there are so many ‘’Wales is amazing!’’ spots within 15 minute drives of each other. The majority of these shots were taken pretty much on my doorstep. Anywhere by the ocean for me. 

Following my ‘Dark side’ blog I wanted to (kinda) apologise for not posting the follow-up ‘Lessons @ 35’ pieces as mentioned. I went with the ‘Dark’ side first, to share my views on some of the realities of life that I have seen/ heard or indeed personally been through. 

I planned to note them as general topics; get the ‘baddies’ outta the way. Then move onto the brighter, happier (funnier!) sides of life next … Bear with me, I won’t be leaving those ‘Dark’ vibes as the only things I have learned in 35 years!

Also, another (kinda) back-track on my behalf here. I mentioned I was going to post a biggie about my ‘’9 years of single life’’ but then I realised; I still stand-by much of what I have already said before now. ‘’World keeps spinning, nothing changes’’ as my Uncle Mikes would say!

Without wanting to go over old-ground too much … Some thoughts on single life / relationships:

  1. Be yourself at all times
  2. Be honest, no matter what … If you can’t be honest; you essentially have nothing. You cannot build a future based on lies, worries, what if’s, sleepless nights, anxiety, fear 
  3. Never ignore your instinct … If something is raising your ‘red flag’ alert, don’t ignore it. I read recently; you often leave someone based on what you ‘’knew all along’’. If you give yourself a moment to tune-in to your inner-dial; you may see the light and set yourself free sooner!
  4. Never settle ‘just because’ it might be ‘easier’ to do so, than to go forwards alone. You get one life!
  5. Always give 110% … If you try your best, it’s the best you can do
  6. Never give up hope; on yourself or your future
  7. Relationships are not our whole life. If you lose love on the way; you need to be strong enough to continue living a full, busy life that you are proud of. Help other people, look after your world. Consider the bigger picture.
    … Remember, no matter how good (or bad) you may feel – there’s more to you / what you can offer the universe, regardless of if you are in a couple or ridin’ solo. Live fully no matter what  #noregrets
  8. If you do find someone special. Look after them like they are your best friend. Go above and beyond in every aspect to show you care with words, actions, love and unwavering loyalty. Time goes so fast – make the most of every moment with them … from now ‘til forever! Live like you have no time

That Covid lifestyle

Depending on where you live, you may be experiencing a whole other Covid-world to me. At present; Pembs has felt relatively ‘normal’ for some time. Sure, people keep their distance in the shops and face masks are now compulsory but otherwise it’s been a fairly ‘safe’ place up to now.

I am fully aware that as we go into the cold/ wet seasons things could change. Uncertainty is the only thing to be certain about in relation to Covid! … I’d just like to say; wherever you are; whatever your current setup – I wish you all the best for however things pan out now and next. Take care, look after yourself. 

Positive days

As we live in these wild times, one of my tips is of course; keep busy. Keep focused on your job. Keep active, move every day. Keep learning. Reading is key! Whatever book you can find to keep your mind engaged, read that. 

If you are currently looking for a new job; don’t give up the ghost. You might have to take a step back and work a job you would never usually consider. As long as you are working; you are contributing to a cause. You are helping your current (and future!) self too.

Always lean on your friends and family where possible – don’t hold things in if you are having a rough day.
Be there for them ‘’24/7, 365’’. No matter where you live; a text or phone call can make all the difference. Be there no matter what. 

Try to do at least one thing per day that makes you feel good. Spend time with people who make you feel strong, who you can laugh at stupid stuff with. Lift each other up at every opportunity.

Goes without saying but my family and friends, both near and far have been amazing since I moved back. I wouldn’t be who I am without those closest to me – thank you all, now and always! To the ones who are currently light-years away; we will reunite as soon as possible. 

Thank you for reading. Have a positive week ahead! More posts (as noted above!) coming soon.




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