4 weeks in: ”I’m ok 90% of the time” |Lockdown life

My fave hill to run up and pelt down, Bronte.

Tomorrow marks 4 weeks of isolation completed for me. It’s gone sooo slow (and super fast!) at the same time. I feel like we’re living in a time capsule. Will we eventually get released and feel older but ‘the same age’ ?! We’ll see!

Two weeks ago, I realised how my feelings were rocking around. Since then I have understood and accepted that I feel ”Ok 90% of the time”. The other 10% I can feel weird / unsettled / confused about all this or physically exhausted.

18 reflections since 13th March 2020

  1. The days I didn’t leave the house (at all) were the worst days – staying indoors for 24hrs or more is not a healthy move!
  2. Leaving the house once a day was ‘do-able’
  3. Leaving the house twice a day (pre-work for a run and after-work for a walk) suits my fitness and mindset best. This is what I normally do when working. Routine is key!
  4. I don’t enjoy working out indoors but if I turn my music up, I can get through a 15 – 30 min body weight, squats and sit-ups etc workout easily
  5. Sleeping patterns have been off; 2am late nights make me tired in the mornings. Bed by 1030pm is best for me
  6. FaceTime is needed but sometimes I make too many calls in a day and feel worn-out
  7. I haven’t started an online course yet. I’m going to sign up for one over the long weekend. Topic not yet decided but there’s loads of FREE courses for you to check out on Udemy
  8. A friend saying they would meet me for a walk, then letting me down last minute knocked me one day. I realised that I could have really done with some kind of face-to-face interaction (even though it would have been at a distance, of course). Stick to your arrangements kids!
  9. I miss hugging my friends when I meet them and when I leave them. That’s certainly something I will always find confusing. I feel like I’m in a movie behind a glass screen in a prison; so close but yet so far
  10. My job keeps me going! Being busy is key. I love getting my to-do list ticked off and I’m glad lots of us can chat together via Zoom video calls
  11. Singing in the morning sets me into a positive mindset for the day ahead
  12. Dance anthems playlists are great for running at this time … revisiting old memories does wonders for my soul!
  13. Flowers and candles (from me, to me!) are two of my simplest pleasures. I will be keeping myself well stocked as this continues.
  14. I’ve cooked pretty much every night. It takes a lot of time and has actually become something I look forward to doing (for the first time in forever!)
  15. I like not being in a rush all the time. I’ve realised that drawing out simple tasks or going steady on my walk feels nice just because
  16. Check out Some Good News for positive updates
  17. I really appreciate still being able to go out and get fresh air. The pic above is me this morning after running up my fave hill in Bronte. Getting out and moving makes all the difference for keeping me positive.
  18. As long as all my family and friends are healthy, I can’t ask for much more right now.

Hope your 4 weeks have been ok wherever you are. On the plus side; we’ve got this far so let’s keep going!

Wish you a healthy, chilled Easter weekend. I am mega proud of my friends on the frontline during this time.

I will be at my place most of the next 4 days and beyond. Obvs.

Thank you for reading 😊



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