Don’t worry about being happy or grateful – just keep going

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Every time I go online I am met with ‘Gratitude is everything’, ‘Choose happiness’ and a multitude of overtly positive, ‘You-got-this!’ quotes.

I am (usually) all for good vibes and staying upbeat. But right now I feel the need to steer towards gritty realness instead. I fully understand that not everyone feels up to being positive. Some of us are crawling through our days, existing.

Beware the people who tell you they are ‘Great, great, great!’ and those who doth proclaim they’re ‘Completely fine’. 

Instead; lean into spending your precious time for quiet chats with the people who make you feel most comfortable. Perhaps share a few laughs now and then. 

Stories reach me daily from friends and family including; lost jobs, suffocating living arrangements, mental health swings. The list of destruction is endless, as covid-19 continues to test human spirit at every turn.

I move through my days feeling my tummy flip as my notifications buzz. If my phone rings, my heart rings with it … What if it’s this? What if it’s that? What if.

… But we can’t get too bogged down in the worries and wonders of what may / may not materialise. We need to live day-by-day. We need to be sympathetic to one another. Above all we must KEEP GOING.

When I was younger and struggling after a breakup; living a lie kept me going. I was telling everyone (including myself) that I was ‘fine’. I masked heartbreak with fibs and false smiles. 

During this last year, in a tough situ mentally – I kept going because I had a job to get up for. 

Whatever works for you, whatever your ‘I’ve gotta crack on’’ reason may be. There is always something to keep going for.

Waste no time forcing yourself to feel happy or grateful – you can revisit these feelings when you have more energy in the tank. For now, keep doing the right thing by yourself and the world; Keep going.

‘See you soon’


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