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1992: Living my dreams on Candy! Pembrokeshire Riding Centre in Wales. Age 7.
Bless my Mum for always supporting me!

My busy #wfh week finished with Finder Friday – this special day happens once every month. Usually our crew assembles in person, to hear our Founders discuss what’s been happening and what’s coming next.

Lockdown made things a little different but we made it work … our first virtual Finder Friday saw over 170 crew tune for a Zoom video-conference from around the globe. 

Today we were introduced to Chris Ellis – the new CEO of Finder Australia! Chris eagerly discussed a number of informative and inspiring topics. I am really excited to work with him. Looking forward to learning and seeing where Finder goes under his guidance.

At one point Chris mentioned how important our dreams are – this stuck with me after the Zoomies session finished.

Thanks for the inspo, for this post Chris!

Live the dream

I think it’s fair to say I’ve lived a life of chasing-dreams so far. While it hasn’t always worked out in the end, it often does come together somehow. Of course, finer details can differ but my bigger-picture dreams tend to steam ahead. This is because I believe in myself and my vision.

I am a firm believer in dreaming, not fluffy ‘maybe I might do this, one day before I’m 80’ kinda plans. I much rather prefer ‘I’m doing this and nothing will stop me’ thoughts.

Sometimes you need to be fiesty, with yourself (on your own, by yourself!).

Make a list, check it twice 

Now, more than ever – your dreams matter. Your dreams will take you places before your body has a chance to get there. 

‘’A house without books is like a room without windows’’ and a mind without dreams is a future without scope for greatness!

Get a pen and paper and jot down what your honest dreams look like considering:

  1. Your career
  2. Love life
  3. Home life
  4. Animals
  5. Your ideal body
  6. Travel plans – maybe your travel plans will be in your home country for the next year or so to support local businesses while the world heals from covid-19
  7. Anything else that matters to you 

Writing your dreams down is akin to making a pact with yourself. Breaking them into lists and sections (around work vs. personal life perhaps) will help you to keep things simple. 

My dreams have included these for as long as I can remember:

  1. A house filled with natural light 
  2. Jack Russell pup
  3. Golden Retriever pup 
  4. Write a book

Let’s call these two my ‘’second-tier’’ of dreams – because I have always seen them further into my future:

  1. Love
  2. Raise a family 

In splitting these you can see that the first lot of dreams are within my grasp. I know I can achieve all of them off my own steam, if I work hard enough. 

Raising a loving-family is something I can dream about but have to somewhat rely on the world’s hand to deal me a card on this one. However; it’s still a dream of mine – of course it is. I do 110% believe this will happen for me, one day.

Baby I was born this way

Growing up I was obsessed with horses, my Mum will testify to this. Anything horses! 

… If I wasn’t reading a book, watching a VHS, drawing them or writing my own stories (which I would love to read now!), I was pretending to be one – galloping around our home or garden.

That early obsession tuned me to be focused. I just loved horses and would do anything I could to be around them in any way possible. They were my dream.

Fast forward to 29 years later and I still have the ability to focus on something to the point of obsession until I get what I wish for. I’d say it’s a super-power of mine. Because I don’t give up on my beliefs. 

Moving to London, working at Look magazine, extensively solo traveling, landing jobs in foreign countries … moving back to Sydney, securing my job at Finder. All of this and all the other goals ticked off in-between all started with my vision. 

As I write this, I look at my two-lists above and am glad I haven’t ‘got there’ yet. It means I have lots to work towards, so much to look forward to in life. 

While covid-19 keeps us under lock and key, now is your time to start road-mapping what your dreams look like. Get real with yourself. Be completely honest with what you hope to achieve in your lifetime and start taking action to bring it all to life.

For now you can simply start planning and researching, so at least you know you are becoming more focused with each day.

… Be ready for when you can live freely again. All great accomplishments start with a dream.

Thanks for reading


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