Lockdown life: See you in 90 days

Today, Thursday 2nd April 2020, the Australian government announced that the current Sydney covid-19 lockdown would continue for a further 90 days.

My reaction was split between ‘‘Here we go, 90 days of this madness!’’ and ‘‘OK! 90 days – having a date in mind gives me hope’’.

While some friends have only just passed their third day of self-isolation, tomorrow marks 21 homeward-bound days for me. 

Having three weeks already bagged brings me some degree of positivity at this point:

  1. 3 weeks in means I know what my days look like 
  2. The 90 day timeframe gives some idea of a ‘freedom deadline’ 

Lockdown so far
Good days include training morning and night, having a productive day working from home, plenty of water and a calm frame of mind.

Bad days feature training just once (or not at all) meaning my time indoors increases and cabin-fever chips away at my mindset. Lots of chocolate, running on cups of tea and mind boggling fears of this ‘being life forever’ also contribute to a neggy day.

You may say I’m a dreamer
The dreamer in me compares lockdown to farming for my second year working holiday visa, back in 2014. Those 88 days of hard graft in 40 degree heat felt like a lifetime. 

Farm work means 12 – 13 hour days and 6 / 7 days a week of hard labour. If you’re not fast, you risk being sacked and leaving your visa hanging in the muddy farm air. 

Picking and packing fruit and veg is a competitive sport, if ever I saw one!. And yes I did get sacked off a clementines farm once because I kept dropping boxes. Certainly my most embarrassing (weirdly proud because it’s so ridiculous to think of it now) job loss to date. 

Farm work meant little sleep and muddy teeth. It was tough but so much fun! There were roughly 120 people from various corners of the globe in our workers hostel. Brits, French, Italians, Philippinos, Irish and more. We were all in it together, all focused on that end goal of securing one more year in sunny Australia. 

Farming meant making friends for life. We experienced a transition period together – completing that final 88th day was a backpackers rite of passage. Day 88 stood for freedom. 

The similarities of being in this together and a brighter day of freedom ahead (at some point!) is driving me right now.

In the midst of our ”farming for days” life with Lucy. August 2014.

Let me entertain you
As I consider eagerly passing that 90th day; I know I would be a fool to think that’s when the ‘ban’ (on life) will definitely be lifted. How can we foresee what 90 days away looks like – when we can’t work out what the end of a week will bring right now?!

Whatever happens, I know I’ll get through it. And I hope you feel that fire in your belly to come out better, stronger somehow too. Keeping going, keeping chipper is an absolute must.

Learnings from these first 3 weeks:

  1. Little things really help me feel better about all this; I look forward to lighting my candle every evening to help settle my mind before bed.
  2. The Rainbow Lorikeet birds in my garden are my ‘lil friends. They come and knock on my bedroom window when they want food. Quite bizarre but I love how intelligent they are. They know I’m home and they know I will feed them! 
  3. Shopping once a week is do-able but comes with a high-risk of buying a couple of days worth of chocolate that will be demolished that evening.
  4. My self-control needs work (see point 3 ref chocolate-monster tendencies).
  5. I need to leave the house twice a day to feel centred. Once a day makes the time between fresh air feel too long.
  6. Sometimes I gotta sleep it off. Last night I went ‘for a nap’ after work at 6pm, with the plan to get back up at 7pm, go for a jog in the dark, then stay up late to blog. That ‘nap’ went on ‘til this morning. I evidently needed it.
  7. Stop talking about wearing a mask. A lot of people have direct-messaged me in reply to my wishes for people to wear masks. I feel like my thoughts are getting misconstrued (as is always possible with how things can be perceived online!). All I’ll say is; I am wearing mine – maybe not when I go running because I have tried that and honestly I find it really hard to breathe – but in all other instances I will be wearing mine religiously. I feel prevention is better than cure and I will do anything to help stop the spread. The figures of cases in countries where people don’t wear masks eg. UK vs. countries where masks are worn by most eg. Hong Kong speaks volumes to me.
  8. I find watching home-workouts weird. You know I love working out but I can’t shake the image of seeing people crammed into their bedrooms; literally with their heads touching their bed, door and window at the same time. I need to be visually pleased to be inspired, so rather a blank space set up or someone that has pre-recorded outside etc. I find watching people workout in small spaces only reminds me that I am locked into my apartment. I appreciate the mission but it’s not for me.

Life-goals list for this week:

  1. Mentally live day-by-day, don’t put pressure on long-term goals. 
  2. Be agile in work. Find new ways to offer more to my 1crew and our Finder readers. 
  3. Check in on loved ones daily (make time for others, even if I am tired!).
  4. Read before bed
  5. Blog daily (if I’m awake there’s nothing stopping me from blogging each evening – not like I have anywhere to go!)
  6. Get stuck into some FREE Udemy courses. There’s lots of high-quality freebies to choose from. Take a look here. 
  7. Revisit old music and discover new tunes. Last week it was Eminem and 80’s rock anthems a go, go! 
  8. Buy (cheap) bits to spruce up my apartment. New cushion covers, some wood-stain to cheer up the table and chairs that I will be spending so many hours at across the next 90 days and beyond.

Whatever happens now and next; I know I am so proud of my friends on the frontline. I am glad to write this knowing that my family and friends all over the world are currently well. Financial hardship and job losses hit some almost immediately but they are still physically in a good state right now and that’s the most we can ask for.

Thanks for reading, another fresh blog will be posted tomorrow!

As the world turns
We all experience things in life
Trials and tribulations
That we all must go through

Eminem, As The World Turns, 1999


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