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This morning I rose at sunrise and ran from Bondi to Clovelly. I have been walking lots recently, while waiting for an infection to heal on my arm – this was my first proper run in a fortnight.

It felt good! Good to be up with the sun, good to feel my body doing what it loves to do.
I listened to an 80’s rock anthem playlist and got lost with INXS, The Clash, Billy Idol and more as Sydney’s autumn heat shone down on me.

As with yesterday, I had my mask on. Running with a mask is sweaty and uncomfortable but if it does anything to raise awareness, or help stop the covid-19 spread – I’m all for it!

On getting back to Bondi, I sat on my fave spot of grass. I zoned out watching the ocean for a bit (mask off) before going home to crack on with work.

The joy of the morning was momentarily lost, as two guys started chatting behind me.
Let’s call them A and B:

A: Hey! How are you?

B: Is that your dog? Where’s your dog?

A. I don’t have a dog, I have a cat. How are things?

B. Oh, all this is of no inconvenience to me whatsoever

A. Mumbles something 

B. No schools will be built. No roads will be built.

A. Mumbles again (evidently not as loud as B, who loved the sound of his own voice).

The ‘no inconvenience’ comment made me want to vacate the area. B was ruining my happy space! How very dare he! I put my mask back on, got up and headed for home … Walking past both men on route.

B pipes up; ‘’All this has done is brought deaths forward. People who were meant to die in 2 / 3 years are dying now’’. He clicked his fingers as he said ‘now’. Yuck.

As he spoke my mind raced to thoughts of my friends on the frontline and the various ‘inconveniences’ they see every day.

Moral of this blog; please be aware of what you say and how you are behaving. Words stick. How you conduct yourself matters. We need to be considerate.

Guy A seemed pretty dumbfounded with what was being said but still let him bowl on – maybe he felt uncomfortable too, who knows. 

If you find yourself locked in conversations with people talking rubbish you don’t want to hear; remember you have the complete freedom to walk away.

If you don’t feel confident enough to stop someone in their tracks; politely make your excuses and move along swiftly. Value your headspace enough to protect it from negative influences.

It is so important to fill your days with good thoughts, to spread positivity wherever you go. Don’t be like B. 

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