#stayathome – make it better

My Bridget Jones-esque breakdown of the weekend gone by: 

Cleaned my apartment; sweeping, dusting, bins out, deep clean bathroom etc. Felt good to look at everything that needed attention. Felt good to get offline and move!

Rescued house plants; one in particular had looked in a bad way. I gave him a haircut and he was good as new! He looks all green and healthy now bye bye crusty dead leaves!. Felt proud to know I saved a plants’ life. 

Spent time in the sun with a friend. Realised how much I needed this interaction. Reminded self not to leave it so long without seeing a friend again. A whole week of self-isolation is too long!

Masked up and hand sanitizer ready – I went to the shops on a mission to buy a candle and a plant for my room.

I moved swiftly around the shops, touching only what I knew I would buy: mission complete. Now the proud owner of a currently unnamed house-plant, a heavenly Ecoya candle and a small bunch of bonus yellow roses for my #wfh desk. Definitely a trip worth leaving the house for.

Both days I walked the Bondi – Clovelly coast path. While I kept my distance from others and tried to be socially aware at all times – it seemed not everyone cared so much about ol’ CV. 

Seeing people in groups and working out in fenced off parks really frustrated me. But aside from shouting at people (in my mind) there wasn’t much I could do about these rule breakers. If people could just see sense on their own that would be wonderful!

I called my family back home in Wales this evening. As always, I felt better about life after talking to them. This weekend dragged with that somewhat familiar feeling of wondering how best to fill my time. The next minute it was late Sunday night and here I was writing this post.

As we move into this new week, I hope we get some positive news of some sort! I’m glad our Aussie PM announced new rules of only being able to spend time with people in pairs. I wish he had done this sooner. If stricter rules had been laid out straight off the bat we would be in a better position now. But it’s easy to think like that. Let’s live for now and see what happens from here on out.

I have friends both here and in the UK, who are working the frontline. They are never far from my mind. I’m constantly sending them good vibes from afar 💙

If you’re looking for ways to brighten your home and bring more peace into your #stayathome days; flowers, plants and candles will tick those boxes for you! See what goodies you can pick up next time you brave the outside world on a shopping dash. 

Thanks for reading. Here’s to making this week better.




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