”A mask tells us more than a face”

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A girl in a mask – a rare sight in Sydney’s covid-19 ravaged Eastern Suburbs.

17 days into isolation and I am ‘used to’ how my days feel now … I no longer wake up buzzing to go for a run before work. I no longer have a relaxed, cool outfit pre-planned.

So. The days of commuting are no more. The days of face-to-face interaction are paused. The days of feeling any degree of ~normality~ are currently behind us. 

Workwise I am grateful, focused and diligent in what I do. 

However. In my own time (which is all the time, if we’re looking at cold hard covid-19-makes-you-fly-solo-facts) I find myself walking into my bedroom and wondering why I’m there. Oh the joys of your brain questioning everything, as it does its best to make sense of what’s happening in the outside world!

If I had a dollar for every time I lost my train of thought as I moved gracefully (glasses on, 12th cuppa tea in hand) between my bedroom, kitchen, desk, bathroom, balcony and yoga mat … I’d be doing a good job at topping up my piggy bank. 

A friend asked if I was in shock today. That’s a pretty good way to explain how things feel right now. I think the world is in shock. 

Along with accepting that my ‘new commute’ doesn’t give me time to read a book on the bus – I am finding it hard to watch the ‘’carrying-on’’ of others around me.

‘’They’re carrying-on’’ is something my Grandma used to say. I was little back then, but I knew it was a term that referred to people who were doing what they wanted. Right now it’s a fitting way to describe many people of Bondi.

  1. Bondi, Tamarama and Bronte beaches closed last weekend. People carried on going to the beach.
  2. The parks are closed, taped off. Such a chilling sight to see kids play areas wrapped in red and white tape!. People ignore the signs, jump the fences and carry on working out as if nobody’s watching but hey it’s the Bondi Bubble; they want to be watched.
  3. Lifeguards are off duty making the waves a no-go area. Well guess what. Many carry on surfing regardless. 
  4. Another absurd behavioural trait local to me is house parties. I heard two big ones going off over the weekend. I understand the want to live ‘’for now’’ but living for now only lasts so long in the current climate. 

Along with all this ‘’carrying on’’ that can be seen in various forms in the Eastern Suburbs – you also see people ignoring health and safety pleas to wear a mask.

Are all the masks sold out? No.
… I got three for $10 from a local pharmacy. You can also buy them from multiple sources online. Visit Finder for a list.

Please be sure to check your local tool shops too – Paragon Tools have been working tirelessly around the clock to keep plenty of stock available. 

Do people think they are immune to covid-19? Possibly.
… Despite Bondi being ripped to shreds – in local, national and international news all over the globe – for being one of the highest covid-19 locations in the WHOLE OF AUSTRALIA, many appear to turn a blind eye. 

Are masks not cool or not pretty enough to be worn? Likely.
… Sorry kids; covid-19 wasn’t born on the catwalk. Deal with it.

All of the above issues pose the question that is bearing down on people (whether they notice or not): How close does this thing have to get to you, before you listen to it?

Over the weekend I saw friends posting ‘’First week of isolation coming up’’ or ‘’Day 3 of self-iso’’. Some posts seemed filled with dread. Most were light-hearted at this early point.

With each post, I would nod knowingly (to myself, obvs) and think ‘’Just you wait mate – it gets worse’’.

… The only way to help stop things spiralling further is to obey health and safety rules. Be sensible. Be clean. #stayhome. Wear a mask. 

Whatever we can do to help stop the spread matters. 

Picture the scene: Imagine you are poncing around doing your outdoor workout (filming yet another Instagram video) and you touch a railing mid-chin up. Someone infected had touched it earlier that day.
Later you go shopping and open a fridge door. An old lady opens this afterwards while she’s out on her once a week ‘’I’ll brave this because I have to’’ essentials run. What if you pass it on to someone without knowing?! Please tell me you get the gist here.

The facts are simple. Listening to safety guidelines and wearing a mask helps you save lives. 

… Perhaps you could think from a respect point of view? Every time I see someone flouting the rules it makes my heart heavy. My mind races to think of my friends on the frontline, both here in Aus and back home in the UK. 

I wear my mask because I care. I wear my mask as a sign of respect to my friends and everyone else on the frontline. I wear my mask in recognition of all the suffering going on right now – I don’t want to add to that chaos. I wear my mask to raise awareness – I want to help!

Little changes make all the difference. I hope this post makes you act more considerately from now on. Our future is in your hands. 

Thanks for reading. Take care!


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