10 easy-to-action health and wellbeing tips


My beautiful friend Aimee recently left Bondi to return to Dublin – she was always so full of wisdom around healthy eating! Miss you Aimee! 

No matter how ‘well’ you may currently live, there’s always room for improvement.

Check these easy-to-action tips to see what small changes you could make to help yourself:

  1. Less sugar. Sugar makes you sluggish. Sometimes you even feel guilty for pigging out on ‘treats’. On the whole it’s not good for you. Read Kimberly Holland’s Eatingwell blog for what happened when she cut sugar completely out for 30 days.You don’t have to go the whole hog, but making little changes (like cutting down to 1/2 a spoon in your cuppa will help).
  2. More water. Water is my go-to solution for everything. Got a headache? More water. Legs aching? More water. Can’t focus. More water.Step up your hydration game by simply swapping your usual glass for a pint-size. Or change-up your re-useable water bottle for a bigger size. The more you drink, the more you will be thirsty. Start by adding in an extra half-glass here and there and you’re away!
  3. Say no to naughty snacks. Chocolate / ice cream / crisps etc. They may taste good at the time but we know they are no good, once that taste has gone! Avoid the treats aisle in the shop. Get fruit instead. Become accountable to yourself; stick to a firm once-a-week treat day only.
  4. Caffeine cut down. Cutting down your coffee and/ or cuppa tea intake can certainly be tricky to navigate at first. I love my morning cuppa and will try hard not to give that up! However, after that morning cup; I know full well that I probably don’t need another two later in the day. These ‘comfort’ drinks need to be rationed. Swap them for water or a healthy green smoothie.
  5. Stop scrolling. Using the iPhone screen time counter can be pretty scary at first. Honestly, how could we ever be proud of statistics like ‘Today: 6 hours Facebook. 1.5 hours Instagram’.Hell no, there’s a whole world outside your phone screen. If you take a moment to consider what you are actually doing while you scroll you will realise you really don’t need that nonsense in your life 24/7.

    I often delete my Facebook and Instagram App’s altogether to free up more headspace (don’t worry, your info does not get lost!). Deleting social media and replacing your phone with a book will work wonders on your wellbeing.

  6. … Read more. If you ‘don’t read much’ or you’re just plain lazy with it – you really are missing a huge chunk of your life. The world is overflowing with books on every subject under the sun.I am convinced that once you find content that actually interests you, you won’t be able to put it down. If you don’t currently read start with a page and add another page each day. Make it a healthy habit and keep changing books until you find writing styles that spark joy in you.
  7. Audit your wardrobe. Start looking at your cupboards as a place of ‘needs’ rather than ‘wants’. You know what suits you. You know what works best for your shape. You know what makes you feel good. If something doesn’t do (preferably) all of the above; pay it forward it to charity.Investing in clothes that you will wear repeatedly makes sense. If you feel good in it; don’t waste money replacing it – wear it again! Simples.
  8. Delete unused Apps. And stop subscribing if appropriate. You can potentially save money and time by conducting a quick ‘App audit’ on your phone. Dating apps, fitness apps, anything you may have downloaded to ~try out~ but haven’t used since.Get them gone! Use free Apps where possible.

    Also, while you’re cleaning up your App life – be sure to check out Finder’s App if you are based in Australia. You could potentially save over $8,000 a year. Click here to read more.

  9. Stick to a bedtime routine. Set a time to get up each morning and a time to go to bed. I train every day first thing. I decide the night before what I want to do that following day; eg. long run to Bronte or sand session on Bondi.I set my alarm accordingly. I aim to be in bed for 10pm. If I get to bed early, I am fresh for my 6am starts. If I step out of sync, it affects my performance when training and makes me sluggish for the day ahead. Not good!
  10. Keep a journal. Keeping a journal is such a good way to release all feelings from your day. It also powers you up for the next! Keep your journal as your reflective ‘me time’ space.I have only started journalling (every night) recently. I now look forward to writing before my sleep time. I write about anything and everything – there are no boundaries or limits. From how my yoga session went, to work, to my hopes for days to come.

    Once you get into a journalling-groove you start to appreciate how much you achieve in a day. Keeping a log of what you’re up to encourages you to do more!

    Thank you for reading. Hope this post has given you some positive ideas. Let me know if you have any tips I can add in @laralain 🙂


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