How to appreciate your life more – 7 tips

Appreciating life after a Bondi sand session this morning 🙌

Appreciation means you look on the sunny side. You value your life and make a conscious effort to make the most of your days.

You recognise experiences, people and situations with a kind eye and inner confidence.

You take compliments without getting embarrassed, because you appreciate your worth.

You can take a pat on the back in work because you appreciate the hard slog you’ve put in to earn it.

You see the small things and know they add up to making the good things feel better 🙌

Here’s 7 tips to help you appreciate your life more:

1. Hang out with people who are buzzing about their existence. Passionate people are my kinda people! Whatever you’re into, as long as you love something you’re on the right track in my humble opinion.

Find people who look forward to doing the same things as you – appreciate together.

2. Put yourself in positive situations. Make the most of a sunny day. Rug up in your warmest layers on a cold day.

Adapt to what’s going on around you so you can appreciate your hours.

3. Take notice of what needs to change. Appreciate when you’ve made a mistake or have something in your life that needs work.

Do you eat too much sugar? Do you spend too much time in bed? Do you smoke? Do you rely on alcohol to cope with life???

Appreciating your flaws means you’ve recognised an opportunity to upgrade your life.

4. Stop moaning, start laughing. So many people find the tiniest thing to whinge about.

If you find yourself being neggy, catch yourself – stop the dark thoughts and mean chat. See if you can switch things up to laugh instead. Laughing is good for you!

5. Have a lie in once in a while. You might be going hard 6 days a week but try to get a late start one morning to refresh. If late mornings can’t be done try and sneak an afternoon nap.

Failing that; aim to get to bed really early at least one night a week. Appreciate that your body needs a reset.

6. Read magazines. Drink tea. Feed the birds in your garden. Find a new comedy on Netflix. All these little, easy actions are comforting. Appreciate your lighthearted time out.

7. Let people go. If people don’t appreciate you, don’t force it. If you’re asking people for answers

“Are we together or not?”, “I can’t work you out, one minute we’re on – next we’re off”, “Why do you never call me or text me back?” …

… Blah, blah, blah – any of this means appreciation is absent.

Don’t waste your time. Unfortunately, no matter how much you might (think) you like someone – you can’t ever make them feel the same.

Appreciate yourself enough to recognise when someone needs to be set free! This goes for friends and family too!!

Living with appreciation means having a good hold on your self worth. Be self aware enough to understand how far you’ve come in your life. Appreciate your days enough to look forward to what’s now and next!

Thanks for your time. I wish you a positive day ahead! Thanks Trent for this mornings 6am sand session – see you tomorrow @the_440 🙌



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