How to be reliable – 5 tips

“I’ll be there for you, cause you’re there for me too“

Being a reliable person is hugely important in every aspect of our lives.

I have a handful of solid, real people in mine. This includes family and closest friends. This includes my work colleagues too.

Being reliable means you can be trusted. It means you help others. It means you are committed to doing a good job.

It means you show up for yourself and others on the daily.

Here’s 5 tips to help you be more reliable:

1. Work. Be the teammate who gets tasks done on time. Show up for meetings eager to contribute. Get your work ticked off without anyone having to ask how you’re progressing. Help others to achieve their goals. Be productive. Be proactive. Be a legend!

2. Family. Being there for your family can be hard if you live across the world but you can always make time for them on FaceTime.

Arrange physical reunions whenever possible – this might be only once a year. Make every moment of your time count. Be there for your family in every season.

3. Friends. Your friends can often be the people who need you most – you may spend more time with them than you do with your family (moreso if you live in different countries a la me, as per no. 2 above).

Be the friend who is fully there for the goods and bads. Make an effort to check in your mates on the regular. A text or call can make the world of difference.

Work out what your friends need without them having to ask. Show up for that walk or cuppa tea.

Take an interest in their whacky hobbies. Help them decorate their house or walk their dog on a winters day. Be a friend who offers a strong bond.

4. Relationships. If you are unreliable you may well cheat, lie, have two partners, speak to your partner like sh*t.

Whatever negative vibes you may put out need to be stamped out. This is not a way to live well.

Know that you’re playing with fire if this sounds like you – no good comes of treating people like they’re worthless.

To be a good partner (whether casually or in a committed relationship), you need to take care of how you behave – be honest, show people you care.

Send flowers. Make a date and stick to it. Don’t leave texts messages on ‘read’. Return phone calls. Lift them when they feel low. Don’t pressure them to do things just because it suits you. Essentially, go the extra mile whenever you can.

5. Count on yourself. Say you’re going to do something? See it out. Make plans? Turn up 10 mins early. Training for a healthier life? Don’t miss a session.

Remember that you get out what you put into life. Being reliable is about being a good human at the end of the day – and that’s something we should all strive to be in all areas of our lives.

Thanks for your time today. Hope this post helps you be more for others and yourself.


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