How to wake up early – 11 tips

Bondi teeming with early risers @ 630am. I had already completed my sand-run and jumped in the ocean by this point today!

Waking up early is widely reported as making you more productive and healthy. I swear by it.

I always know that if I start my morning up early-doors for a hard workout; whatever happens next I’ve done something good for myself that day.

While I live for early mornings, I fully appreciate you may not!

But if you give it go – just try it for 3 weeks to give yourself a chance to reap the benefits – I am 110% confident you will see a huge change in your quality of life.

Here’s 11 tips to help you get excited for your alarm:

1. Prepare your clothes. Keep things quick come morning time. Lay out your first outfit (active gear 🙏) so everything feels that little bit easier when you’re scrambling in the dark.

2. Tidy your room before bed. It’s a nicer environment to wake up to. Simples.

3. Set an alarm that gives you all the time you need. If you want to work out for an hour before work / before your ‘day begins’ you may need to wake up 2 hours earlier than usual depending on where you need to go and how long it takes you to get ready etc.

Make sure you’re giving yourself this extra time to enjoy. You don’t want to misjudge and get all flustered worrying you “got up early but still managed to be late”.

4. Get up as close to ‘immediately’ as possible to your alarm going off. Up and at ‘em! You’re awake now – let’s go!

5. Perfect your ‘first 5 mins’ routine. Bathroom, brush teeth then big glass of water? Or water, bathroom, brush teeth? Whatever works for you. Do that.

6. Refuel. I always have a banana first thing. You need energy to get going! But don’t waste time having a big breakie. Get up and active first 👏

I always have a super-greens protein shake after my workout (before I leave for work). This is another simple, healthy action that makes me feel great 🥦

7. Pump up the volume. Whatever music you’re into, crank it up. Nina Simone ‘feeling good’ is such a nice morning song! Or play something upbeat to get you ready to smash your workout.

8. Get out and exercise within 10 mins of being awake. Walking the dog, running, gym. Whatever it may be – if you’re moving it counts!

If you prefer to workout at home, you can practice yoga in your living room or find guided workouts on YouTube to do in your bedroom or garden. Find an option that works for you.

9. Meet mates who want to get more out of their days! Early morning walks or workouts don’t have to be solo – see hi you can rustle up. Keep each other accountable.

If you don’t have people physically to buzz you up you can check early risers online.

Check out @abstacker (Ben). Ben posts something uplifting and inspiring every morning before 5am.

I met Ben at a 5am @the_440 session a couple of weeks ago and genuinely look forward to seeing his posts every day.

The 440 Crew are also always out going for it early doors – add them to your inspo list too 💪

10. Be proud! If you get up early consistently you are living more life than most. This is good for you! 🙌

11. Love your life. Mornings are so special! There’s something eerie and unique about getting up in the dark.

Only awesome things come from waking up earlier. You wanna be your best? This will help you no end. You’ll feel brand new. Believe me. Believe Abstacker. Believe The 440 Bosses!

Be realistic but really test yourself for that minimum of 3 weeks (at least 5 days a week initially).

Thanks for your time. Hope these tips help you rise earlier to get more out of your days!

If I’ve missed anything that you include in your early mornings, please let me know!


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