How to feel comfortable in your own skin – 7 tips

In my comfort zone; training on Bondi Beach at sunrise this morning

Feeling comfortable is one of the feelings I absolutely value most!

If you feel ‘uncomfortable’ this can mean you feel stressed, worried, on edge. It can also mean that you find it difficult to deal with particular people and / or situations.

Feeling comfortable means moving with ease, feeling yourself. It means feeling natural, at peace in your own skin.

Here’s 7 tips for feeling more comfortable:

1. Look out for discomfort triggers. If you start to feel anxy, not good’ inside and flustered then take heed. Recognise where you are and what you’re doing. Make a mental note to avoid repeated situations.

It’s so easy to keep doing things / spending time with people because ‘you think you should’. News flash; you don’t have to do anything that makes you feel odd. Fact.

2. Spend time with people who take you as you. Anyone that you can talk to without thinking, without second guessing yourself is a person you are on the same level with.

This could be anyone from a team mate, to someone who goes to the same night school as you, to people you train with. It could also be your family and friends who live on the other side of the world!

I would rather a FaceTime with a loved one back in Wales, than a forced physical convo with anyone who makes me trip over my words.

Find your positive people and devote more time to interacting with them. Make it regular.

3. Notice when you can make eye contact and hold a conversation with no internal bother; whoever you’re talking to is your kind of peep! 🙌

Invite them for coffee, go for a walk. Ask them for a meeting in work. Get up at sunrise to train with them.

… Do whatever you can to bounce off them. You will be doing good for them too.

4. Purposely place yourself in situations that make you feel positive. Do you prefer to speak on a stage? Give presentations to your work colleagues? Or do you prefer one-on-one meetings where you can make a difference directly?

Wherever you need to be to help others; be there. Contribute.

5. Steer clear of everyone who brings you down. I can pick up on a negative person / vibe immediately. You can tune into this too.

When I was younger I would still spend time with people ‘just because’. Those days are behind me and it feels good – I’m doing the right thing by myself.

If you feel on edge, or that a person / people are sending you internally off piste; you need to listen to what your body and mind is telling you.

Clear the bad traffic. Take a wide berth, both in person and online. Cut out anyone that makes you question yourself. We have instinct for a reason.

6. Cut out drink and drugs in all forms. If you want to give yourself the best chance of being your most comfortable full-self; this is a must.

If you insist on partying (we’ve all been there!) – know that you won’t feel right for many days after.

The bigger the party, the longer the life style goes on for – the more you have to claw back.

Have a think about how much you need to repair. Is it worth it anymore?

… When the fun stops being fun. It’s time to reconsider your choices. Get comfortable with changing up your behaviour for the better.

7. Be comfortable with how you look. As the saying goes; there’s only one of you! Whoever you are, whatever you look like, whatever your circumstances – you have something to offer to the world.

Be ok with using no filter. Be ok with wearing no make up. Be ok with chilling and wearing the kind of clothes you want to wear. At the end of the day, be comfortable being you.

Feeling comfortable is an essential, hugely important part of living happier days.

Sometimes you gotta get super-uncomfortable and go through some traumatic times in your work, social and love life to truly start seeing what makes you tick.

Once you start to feel ‘more you’, only good things will come for you. Go for it! I believe in you 🙌

Thanks for your time today. Hope you have a positive day ahead! 🙂



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