How to feel proud of yourself – 9 tips

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Today: Ready to give my all at first ever Vinyasa yoga session!

Feeling proud should (hopefully) be a feeling you are familiar with.

Proud of a younger family member doing well in school / college / university. Proud of your best friend for kicking ass with their side hustle. Proud of your partner for sticking to a healthy diet.

Beaming at the thought of what loved ones are achieving around you is super-supportive and wholly loving. But what about you?

When was the last time you did something that made you quietly recognise you had done good kiddo? ”Go me!”, ”I really do got this!”, ”Wow! I made that happen”.

Days filled with even the smallest of accomplishments ultimately become big wins – because you are constantly lifting yourself.

With every teeny-tiny positive action, you create a better world for you and those around you.

Pride and self-worth means; A healthier mindset. A genuine appreciation for your physical-self. An understanding of who you are, at your core.

This week was unexpectedly awesome for me. The only activity I had pre-planned was No.3. Everything else was randomly arranged the day-before. Because I say yes to new things!;

  1. Thu: My first Biathlon (run-swim) in 32:30 mins
  2. Fri: My first 6am Bondi sand-training session with @the_440
  3. Sat: Pushed through feeling sick on the 10th lap to complete my 5am session @the_440 session in strong form
  4. Sun: Completed my first Vinyasa Yoga session with Harriet at Power Living’s Bondi Beach studio

Reflecting here makes me feel proud. I lived with a ‘say yes!’ mindset and pushed myself physically. My body covered a lot of ground and my mind benefited with every ”let’s do this!” moment.

If you read this and can’t think of anything in particular you did for you last week, there’s always this week to make a change.

Here’s some ways you can help boost your pride and drive your self-worth:

  1. Swim. Wherever you are in the world, there must be a swimming pool within your reach. Dust off your swimmers (or treat yourself to new gear) and take the plunge, literally. My Biathlon swim was a sharp lesson in reminding me I needed practice to be fast – I haven’t swum for years. I look forward to practice and progression over the coming weeks!
  2. Commit to making more of an effort. Make tomorrow your Day 1. Cut back on smoking. Drink less coffee. Walk more. Be kinder. Ask more questions.
  3. Be a supportive colleague. Ask your manager and team mates what more you can do to help them. Take on as much as you can. Be that person!
  4. Get your family, or friends, together. Arrange something cute ‘n easy that makes others happy. Think a movie night with yummy popcorn or similar.
  5. Finances. Make a ‘date’ with your finances. Block out time to assess what you can do to help your cash flow in the right direction.
  6. Tidy yourself up. Get a hair cut, trim your nails, shave. Whatever you need to do to clean up your act and feel smarter. Get it done pronto.
  7. Double down. Appreciate when you’ve done something positive and build on it. Visited a friend and made their day? Go see another mate this week. Keep doing more.
  8. Have the conversation you’ve been dreading. If there is anything on your mind – go and chat to someone you trust. Once you air your issues it’s so much easier to move forward. Take pride in owning your feelings.
  9. Build others up. The more you smile, give compliments and congratulate people around you on their little wins; the more you help create pride and self-worth in others.

If you feel pride and self-worth, you will feel happier. Fact. Every positive action means living better days. Start tomorrow!

Thanks for your time. Hope this posts inspires you!



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