How to feel happy and satisfied – 6 tips

*Sings Nina Simone … “And I’m feeling good”

Feeling happy and satisfied all the time is unrealistic. But we sure as heckers can give ourselves a good chance of living more positive, fulfilled days.

Here’s 6 tips to help you lift yourself.

1. Find out what makes you tick and get into it! Fitness is a huge part of my life – the more I do, the more I want to do. See pic above for evidence of how happy a 6am sand session on Bondi makes me feel. My zest for life in these moments is clear to see.

If anything makes you feel alive – take note; life is telling you something!

It is crucial to do more of whatever makes you feel buzzed up and “stoked” (as we Aussie’s like to say;).

2. Eat food that makes you feel like you’ve done something good for yourself. Fruit, veg, grains and my old’ faithful water a go, go!

The more healthy food you consume, the more you will shy away from ‘bad’ food because you’ll know you’re undoing your good work. Commit to making better choices.

3. Find your people. You might have the ‘weirdest’ interests out there but know you’re not the only one!

Whatever floats your boat – there are many others on your level.

Sign up to a night school, get involved in online communities, find out whats going on locally that you can align with.

Shared interests mean more friendly connections. Don’t be shy to give things a go. You never know who you might meet. Investigate and get involved.

4. Push yourself. Every time I work out I think “I’m getting fitter!”. Then I do something new; like this morning’s sand session.

Whereby I was swiftly reminded; I have so much to learn! So much room to improve.

Challenging yourself means you are growing. So you read one book last month? Why not try to read two next month?.

… Always look to where you can match and exceed whatever you’ve been focusing on.

5. Speak positively. Look for the upside in every situation. There is always a way to get through something. Positive words come from a positive brain. A positive outlook means you attract more good things and people into your life.

Be positive on purpose! Even on a rough day; commit to positivity.

6. Stay super curious. One of my friends works in TV. When I first met her I wasn’t all “Yeah? Cool!” … I was fully invested in finding out more about exactly what she does behind the scenes etc.

You can be curious about the people who walk past you in the street. Take in your surroundings. Ask friends about what lifts them up. Google history facts just because.

The more you feed your curiosity, the more satisfied you’ll be. Fact.

Huge thanks to Todd, Trent and the 6am crew. Today was tough but beautiful!. I look forward to getting fitter and stronger with you 🙌 I’m so glad I found you guys! Roll on next Friday!

… But first we have tomorrow’s 5am @the_440 sesh to look forward to. It’s my 4th week already! Let’s go!!

Thanks for your time. I wish you a positive day 🙂



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