No filter. Just good choices – 3 lifestyle changes that will have a huge impact on your life

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No filter. Just good choices.

2020 started with me growing up overnight.

I finally saw my body for what it is; a little powerhouse that needs (and deserves!) to be nurtured and taken care of.

I finally saw my mind as a little haven that no longer had time (or space) for alcoholic-chemicals.

I made the 3 lifestyle changes below. Each had an immediate impact on my overall health, energy, mindset and wellbeing.

You can do these too.

#1 Commit to giving up drinking altogether, for evs. You have to want to do this or there’s no point. All in or nothing. Grey areas will not work.

#2 Cut down on sugar. I made little changes; swapping a full spoon of sugar to 1/2 a spoon with my morning cuppa etc.

#3 Cut down on chocolate. I stopped buying a bar on the way home from work. I realised this was ‘comfort’ eating. This is not a healthy habit.

I’ve been training consistently for six years now, with a heavier focus since 2017.

This is the first time during all these years that I’ve made the changes listed above.

During this morning’s workout I realised my abs were firmly saying hello as I pushed through sit ups between sprints.

… This dedication is working! These changes are good. It physically shows.

Last night I went to trivia with work and ate a burger and chips. During my family visit I ate a fair amount of delish Bondi cafe chocolate (brownies, croissants etc). We dined out every breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I still kept active during our family reunion. I still didn’t drink. I had balance.

When my family left I went straight back into my training routine – if I had been socially drinking during this trip I would still be picking up the pieces now (3 days later).

Sharing this in the hope of inspiring you to make small changes! You can action big differences in your life!!

You can. Whether you want to or not is another matter. What do you really want? Who do you want to see in the mirror? How good to you want to feel?

Thanks for your time – have a productive day ahead 🙌



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