11 happy habits I live by

Larasstory lara lain with Mum Bondi

My Mum, one of the happiest people I am lucky enough to know

I listened to a ’10 happy habits’ podcast by Lewis Howes this morning it got me thinking.

Below I share 11 happy habits I live by.

Each one can help you live a better quality of life.

  1. Get up and crack on: Early mornings are a must. I get up between 540am and 6am. That’s not even super early – it’s fully achievable! On Saturday’s I’m up at 4am to go running with The 440. ‘Win the morning, win the day‘ is a life choice, not just a funky saying!
  1. Daily exercise: If you can’t face running, get outside and walk. I push myself twice a day. Early doors, before work is my big session. At the moment I am out for 1hr 15mins each morning running 6km and stopping twice to work on body exercises (sit ups, push ups, pull ups, dips etc). In the evening I get home from work and walk another 6km or so to clear my head and re-focus for the evening ahead.
  2. Work hard: Give your best to your work. There are no limits to what you can achieve in your career. No matter what field you work in, as long as you try (really try!) you will be on the right path.
  3. Try new things: If you feel like something is missing; keep looking until you find the thing/s that fill that gap in your curiosity. Think book clubs, art classes, pottery, learning how to DJ, golf lessons – whatever stirs your interest. Give it a go!
  4. Learn and keep learning: Books, podcasts, Netflix documentaries, YouTube channels. Knowledge is at your finger tips. Don’t while away your limited free hours watching crappy TV. Use your time to learn and grow.
  5. Go the extra mile: I apply this to work. Outside of my normal hours I work a lot in my own time. You’ll find me online every evening and weekend. This ties in with no.3 but it also supports no.6. If you commit to your work and also go ‘extra’ in your personal and fitness life too, you’re pushing yourself in the right direction.
  6. Form friendships with people who interest you: I regularly reach out to people online (generally via Instagram) to see if they’re keen to meet for a coffee. This morning I met @davidwesson at the glorious Bondi Icebergs cafe. Meeting up every now and again with those who inspire you will help you grow, learn and create.
  7. Help others: Do whatever you can to support people. Do whatever you can to make others have a better, easier day. Do whatever you can to make other people feel good and at ease. This applies to your work and personal life. It can come down to something so simple as giving a compliment about someone’s outfit or taking time out to congratulate them on the hard work they’ve been doing on themselves / their career.
  8. Find your passion project: If you don’t have a passion or hobby you love, there’s no time like the present to find what gee’s you up. I have many; running, writing, reading, drinking tea, soaking in the Bondi atmosphere and telling other people’s dogs they’re “so cute, omg, so cute!” to name a few.
  9. Drink water: If you want to feel and look your best you need to drink heaps (min 2 litres a day) of water! Start with a big glass first thing in the morning. Make it part of your daily routine. Water gives you life.
  10. Cut out the crap that’s holding you back: Make people and things that bring you down a thing of your past. If your friends don’t make you feel comfortable and your hangovers aren’t ‘fun’ anymore you need to make changes. If you smoke; you’re damaging yourself with every inhale you take! Think about that.

Hope this post helps you focus on habits that are good for you.

Have a great day and thanks for reading!



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