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One evening last week my housemate came in from a talk in Bondi. He explained it had been in aid of the bushfires and that two local guys were there discussing their dedication to the community and their run club The 440.

Trent and Todd run The 440 every Saturday in Bronte Beach, Sydney. They meet at 4.45am – for a 5am start – all year round.

The club is free and open to everyone. The aim of the game; run 10 laps of the Bronte hill, jump in Bronte pools to cool off then stay and wind down over a coffee afterwards if you wish.

As you can imagine – hearing all this made me very excited! I mentally signed up immediately and promised my housemate I’d get up at 4am to go with him on Saturday.

Bronte is a 15 / 20 min jog from ours, so we needed to be up early doors to be there on time. Getting up at 4am is easy when you have something you actually want to get up for! I was keen to find out how the club would make me feel and to see how my fitness levels were tracking.

Lucky for me, I have run that dear Bronte hill hundreds of times over the years, including 5 times in the last week. It’s the spot where I usually run to the top, check out the view from ‘my favourite cliff’ and then make my way back to Bondi.

While I know the hill and it’s relatively easy, since I do it all the time – I’ve never run it 10 times in a row!! The most I’ve done is 3 in a row, when I used to go to bootcamp in Bronte in 2018.

Around 200 people turned up and the group felt comfortable and switched on. The majority were extremely fit! Men and women between 20 and 50 I’d say (most I guess in their 30’s) looking super fit and healthy. Think Action Man and female fitness models!

I love to be surrounded by fitness, strength and beauty – it always reminds me how good we can look and feel if we dedicate time and effort to ourselves. It is all achievable – you just have to commit, put the work in! Give yourself a chance!

I wanted to see how far I could run at my own pace – if I ever feel like I want to walk, that’s when I let myself walk and think ‘that’s fine for today, try again next time’. I guessed I would do 5 laps and see how I felt.

I got to 5 feeling just fine. Then by the time it was 7 laps in, I was mentally closing in on the feeling I would have as I hit the home run on the 10th. I already completed the 10th in my mind before I got there.

We had run through the dark as the stars were out and by the end the sun was just about starting to come up. Hitting that 10th lap felt amazing! I was stoked to finish feeling strong and felt excited to jump in the pool.

I had that ~weird but awesome~ feeling during my first The 440 session – like I was meant to be there. It’s the same feeling when I first went diving on the Great Barrier Reef and the same when I started my new job. You are where you are meant to be.

I am super looking forward to next Saturday! Looking forward to getting fitter, faster and stronger. It was such a beautiful sunrise with us all in the pool – as the saying goes ‘win the morning, win the day’, that’s a big group of winners right there!

If you get the chance to try out a new activity / fitness class or similar please always give it a go. If you hate it, at least you tried! With a bit of luck you will find something you really enjoy, something you look forward to regularly.

Thanks to my housemate for sharing this gem with me. Thanks to everyone at The 440!

Thank you for reading – have a great week ahead.


Pic credit: @sobocollective


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