Well, that was January 2020!


So January 2020 is about to come to close! How did yours go? What did you achieve?

My January transpired to be a symbol of my future across 2020. The word ”change” springs to mind.

A lot has changed for me in the last few weeks. I started my new job on 19th December 2019; just before Christmas, so most of the team were away on hols during this time.

I worked over the festive period. It would have been lovely to be in Singapore with my family but it was a great time to start. The office was quiet, so I had the advantage of having time to get my head around things before the full, all-hands-on-deck team returned in early January.

I love my job –  I have worked all my life to be where I am today and I am grateful, every day, that I made it!

Christmas itself was quiet for me, around working I spent time with a few friends. One invited me to his family and it was lovely! Like Home Alone – there were so many kids of different ages, it felt like a movie! I definitely missed my own family this year. It felt weird not seeing them at all. I made a pact with myself to (hopefully) let that be the last time we spend it apart.

The first few years you go traveling / live away the party takes over and Christmas is one big blur of fun and friendly faces – but I’ve been away for six years now! Things are naturally going to change, of course.

Not only am I six years older in body and mind but I’m also six years of Christmas’s out of the UK. It certainly hit home how important it is to see my family.

New Years Eve was amazing – one of the best I have experienced. My friend, Tatski, invited me to a party overlooking the harbour, it was out of this world! What a view! Thank you Tatski! I will never forget the night we saw in 2020 together!!

… What came next, in the week or so, following that epic party was a couple of nights that reminded me that drinking and partying (fun as it can be!) is better replaced with healthy living!

With that in mind; I decided to go on a mega health kick. Bye bye alcohol. I’ve done this once before for six months across the Summer and Christmas of 2017/ 2018. This year, 2020, I’m going all out for my health. Let’s see how it works out!

I’ve been off social media for the last couple of weeks – I’ve read more, City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert is an 11/10 MUST READ!. I’ve taken in life more and essentially given myself some time to work out plans for how I see the next few weeks and months panning out.

These are my now & next goals;

  • Continuous Health kick; training, running, eating well, getting good sleeps (I love sleep, omg!) and keeping super hydrated – minimum 2 litres a day. No alcohol or bad foods.
  • Writing regularly – I love writing but my schedule falls off a cliff, I have been so inconsistent the last couple of years. I am aiming to post at least once a week – watch this space!
  • Running the Sydney Half Marathon again – I am going to raise money for mental health awareness and the bushfires. It’s in May, I’m 11 days into my training as I type this
  • Jump from one book to another – now reading ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’

To be fair, I am always training/ running and on some kind of health-kick but this is stepped up a gear to actually take more care of my mind, body and soul.

Making changes in your life does not come without it’s challenges, but I feel it’s good to ‘use yourself as an experiment’ to see how far you can go … see how much you can achieve with whatever you put your mind to.

I went to the memorial of my friend, Paul Strange, last week. It was a very sad, difficult but also beautiful evening service above the rocks of North Bondi. Paul had long-struggled with mental health issues and alcohol. Him suddenly committing suicide, when he was truly loved by so many, has been extremely tough. It has also been both confronting and eye-opening as to the realities of how life can be extremely hard sometimes. We love you Pauly.

In the best news I’ve had this decade; My family are coming to visit on Feb 12th! It’s been 6 years away and this is the first time any family has come to me. So, as you can imagine, this trip means the world to me! I can’t wait to share my beloved Bondi and fave spots in Sydney with my family over from Wales and Singapore! Roll on the 12th! #cantwait #woohoo

Thanks for reading – I really hope your 2020 is shaping up well! If it’s been a shaky start, don’t be hard on yourself. Put January down as a lesson and crack on with the next 11 months. You have everything to play for!




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