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When was the last time you sat down and wrote a list of all the things you are good at vs. the areas you know you need to improve upon?

When did you last take stock of where you are now vs. where you REALLY need to be in your life?

If you make a conscious effort to be really REAL with yourself in regards to what is going well vs. what needs attention, you will take make immediate steps towards becoming a better version of yourself.

My examples

  1. I don’t enjoy cooking. Never have. A kitchen makes me feel on edge and uncomfortable. I can cook basic stuff rice/ pasta/ noodle dishes (which is basically much of a muchness!). Rather than up-skill in this area because I know I don’t enjoy it; I order meal-prep delivery meals. I choose to swerve working on my kitchen time in favour of keeping it simple. Food is fuel. Get my fuel easily with no stress; it makes sense. 
  2. Skipping. A few months ago while I was going through ‘my CrossFit phase’ up in Cairns I used to dread the sections when we had to skip. ”I can’t skip” I would wail to myself. Absolute rubbish – all I needed to do was practice. On arriving back to Bondi; I went and bought myself a rope for $6 at Rebel Sports. I take it running with me. I stop three times during my Bondi to Bronte run to skip on route. I CAN SKIP and I enjoy it – miracles do happen kids!. I knew this would add an extra string to my fitness bow – all I needed to do was try. 
  3. Reading. I used to live in books, all my young life I was always reading (ask my Mum, she can vouch for this!). Growing up and through my Uni years I was an avid reader – studying English Literature meant my four years of Uni revolved around the amazing thing that is a physical book. Skip ahead to six years in London working in magazines, newspapers and the heady fast-paced world of Publishing and again, my life centred on literature. During my travel years; 2014 onwards my time dedicated to reading physical books dropped off a cliff in favour of online content consumption. Due to moving around so much, realistically creating a library (books are heavy!) would not be so simple but still this is no excuse – libraries and buying, then selling or gifting books on would have worked. I have a select library of 20 – 25 books accumulated since 2014. I am now back in Bondi with a huge thirst for regular reading. My library is going through a growth spurt and I am really excited about this fact! (Hint Santa; books please!). I saw a gap with a part of me that had dropped off and revived it. It feels so good to remember an integral part of what makes me tick – you can do this too.
  4. Learning. Over the years since leaving London in 2014, it is no secret that (some) of the jobs I have worked have come with no one to learn from. I have been a one-man-band driving my brand forward. Luckily for me (and said brands!) this is something I excel at. Not so luckily for me; I had no one during my day-to-days to help my curious mind grow. Rather than seeing myself fall behind I found ways to self-teach. Podcasts, YouTube, Blogs, signing up to Newsletters, doing online courses, attending seminars … I talk to anyone and everyone I can outside of work to lift, educate and help me grow. I always find a way to branch out, despite what may have been going on in during my 40 hours a week in the office. Believe in yourself and what is good for you. Find a way.

These are just four examples, from many, that are personal to me. I am always a work in progress and so are you. What can you do today to drive yourself faster in the right direction?

Don’t wait until 2020 to be a better you – get into it ASAP! Faster you start working on you, the faster you get there! Once you ‘get there’, you keep building. How exciting!

Zoom, zoom!

Thank you for reading, I wish you a positive day 🙂

Also; If you haven’t already seen – I am currently sharing Tips on the run whereby I share daily inspiration/ motivation while I am out running between beautiful Bondi and Bronte. Join me for this on Insta @ LaraLain



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