”Tips on the run” – Why I am currently sharing 1 tip per day via Instagram & Facebook stories


Hello! Ahoy, Ahoy! How are you?! I hope you are reading this feeling good in yourself and excited for Christmas 😊

Last time I wrote I was still living in Cairns – a lot has changed in the last two weeks. I am coming at you live from Bondi Beach right now. I am back ladies and gents! Woo hoo!!

How I came to be back in Bondi is another Larasstory – I will be sharing this soon!

Today I wish to invite you to join me; as I share daily ”Tips on the run”.

What is Tips on the run?

I recently saw a lady post feedback online after she had been sharing content for 30 days. During a run one morning last week, I decided to have a go at this regular-sharing effort myself.

Writing a blog every day would be a fun challenge but Instagram stories give me the opportunity to share real, raw content while I am on the move.

Keeping time on my side and being able to reach others during some of my absolute peak-state moments while I am out running makes a lot of sense to me.

So far I have published 9/30 tips:

  1. ”Do something today that makes tomorrow easier”
  2. ”Create nice moments with strangers”
  3. ”Clear out and give”
  4. ”Only do the things you want to do”
  5. ”Look for 1 positive in every situation”
  6. ”Think carefully about the content you are consuming”
  7. ”Change your morning routine, change your life”
  8. ”You get what you deserve”
  9. ”It’s not all about you”

These tips are shared in short videos, between 30 seconds – 1 min 15 seconds max. I either share one single tip / point of view or break the topic up into giving three examples that may resonate with you.

Watch Tips 1 – 7 here on my Instagram

Click here to watch Tips 8 – 14

You can also join my Larasstory blog Facebook page here if you prefer

I must stress;  much of what I say is fully how I think all day, every day. You may only see a glimpse of my day but I am always living as positively as possible. When I have been through dark days – I have pulled myself through with positive thoughts and actions. You can do this too!

I’ll get to No.30 and review from there but so far, so good. I am enjoying sharing and it’s great to see people around the world, from all walks of life, getting in touch with me about what I am saying.

Let’s see how we go!

Thanks for reading – hope you enjoy the Tips. Have a great day! 🙂




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