Helping others while diving & making ”little” changes for better days ahead

Diving Poseidon Port Douglas November 2019 Lara Lain Larasstory blog

Alastair and I living the dream!

The last few weeks I have been using myself as what I am calling ”a little experiment”.

I’m making ”little” changes/ decisions throughout every day to gauge the effect they have on my mind, body and soul.

For example; Cake and tea were given out the on the boat home from diving yesterday. The slices are bite-size; last time I had ”three because it’s the equivalent to one normal piece of cake, lol”. This time I chose watermelon instead. 🍉

This is not a ‘big’ or ground-breaking decision to make, but it made a difference. Better for my health. Better for my mind, because I knew I had made a good choice for myself. Not only was it good yesterday but it will be better for me when I hit the gym today/ this week. I don’t need sugary foods added to my body; weighing me down and holding me back.

What little changes can you make today and every day this week to help you? It starts with thinking about what you’re doing, rather than just operating on auto-pilot. Have a think about your actions and see how you go!

I went diving solo yesterday and one of the best bits about the day was helping a guy I met at the safety briefing. Alastair was Scottish and had done quite a bit of diving back in 2010. He had also recently completed a ‘refresher’ day in Thailand. It was his first time on the Great Barrier Reef.

First dive: Just as we were getting ready to go on the first dive he was sick – we were kitted up by this point. Being sick on a boat is not nice for anyone, ever. It’s happened to me loads since I started diving!

… It throws you off balance and depletes your energy when you need it most. It is also pretty embarrassing being sick into paper bags with so many people around you! You have to stay outside – boat toilets are considered ‘washing machines’ when you feel rough – so there’s (what feels like!) a whole audience witnessing your demise! Definitely a downside to diving but it happens to the best of us!!

I (and our Dive Master) helped Alastair get through that touch-and-go bit, then our group jumped in.

Alastair tried to come down but then he didn’t descend with me, our Dive Master went up to sort him out. Then we continued the dive without him. Of course, we can’t talk under water so I wasn’t sure what had happened. I hoped he was ok! I would have to find out when I came up.

… It turned out Alastair’s mask and fins didn’t feel right. When I went up he said he would be ‘disappointed’ with himself if he didn’t dive. He got his kit sorted and the mission was on; help him feel comfortable and look out for him down there.

Second dive: It took Alastair a moment to descend but once we were down, he was away! He looked a little uncomfortable with his buoyancy at times (he was inflating his BCD jacket now and again, so he kept swimming further above the group). I made a note to give him a bit of advice on that point. Doing this was making things unnecessarily harder for himself, as he was going up and down so often.

We saw a shark on that dive – Alastair was stoked. I was so happy for him!

Afterwards I talked to him about his buoyancy. Please bear in mind, I am by no means a professional diver – yesterday saw me tick off my 28th dive.

I advised him to only use his inflation button if he really needed to (if he felt he couldn’t keep control and kept descending lower than the group) …

He was excited for the third and final dive, so off we went! This dive was the best!! Alastair looked comfortable, he kept with the group. I didn’t see him inflate once and he was swimming without using his hands/ arms. He looked relaxed, this was awesome to see!

I also met an interesting American couple on the boat. They were from Florida. The lady looked like a movie star! On the way home I helped them book a day trip for today. They were chuffed as it saved them money on what had been previously quoted.

I’ll always remember yesterday for the people I met and helped out. It added so much to my day and I know it certainly did to theirs too. Our Dive Master said I was a ”good buddy” so that was great to hear. I am getting there! 🧜‍♀️

What can you do today/ this week and beyond to help others? No matter how big or small. Don’t be shy – step up and do it 🙂

I felt dizzy twice yesterday, this freaked me out as the thought of passing out underwater is pretty scary!

I had to click my mind out of focusing on that thought, in-case I brought on a panic.

When I got home I took another ”little” step; I booked a doctors appointment for Tuesday to discuss this. It maybe something to do with my ears again.

I could have ignored this and thought ‘oh well, I feel ok now’ but I’m not – I am getting it looked into. I am making a better choice for my health.

What can you do today/ this week and beyond to make a better choice for your health?

Thank you for reading, have a great day.


Diving Poseidon Port Douglas November 2019 Lara Lain Larasstory blog marina

Back at Port Douglas Marina, stoked after a great day at sea!


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