”If Carlsberg did 25th Birthday’s” … Three days of bucket list adventures in Cairns

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The last few days have been a dream!

… One of my best friends had been surprised with flights to Cairns/ to visit me for her 25th birthday! WOO!!

Gary had treated Ciara with a break in paradise – as soon as I heard they were coming I was so excited! They were flying up from Sydney so the Cairns chill / adventure life would be an amazing short break for them. The weather was set to be perfect too!

I asked them both if it was ok if I arranged an ‘Adventure’ for them … they both said yes, so I got my planning hat on! The following is what went down; as I write this I find it quite hard to believe we did so much!

Day 1

I took my little fishy friend, Nemo, to meet them at the airport. I figured, it was the perfect way to start the weekend as we meant to go on; FUN!


Welcome to Cairns!

Firstly, we went to meet the horses, Nemo, Charisma and baby De Niro (Chrissy is pictured).


Saying hello to the black beauty, Charisma

I then drove them straight to Bungy! I knew Gary would love a Bungy, as he has been to Cairns once before, a few years ago. He already had a few Jumps under his belt.

I wasn’t sure if I could get Ciara to do anything – luckily we managed to get her on to the Swing. She nearly had a panic attack on it but she got through it and eventually laughed. We were both so proud she did!


Ciara mid freak out! Bless!


All smiles after – we were so chuffed we got Ciara on the Swing!

We drove to Hemingway’s in Port Douglas for lunch, Ciara actually nearly got a job there earlier this year, so it was cool to show her ‘what might have been’. Then made our way back via the picturesque Palm Cove.

The night saw us do a pub crawl including PJ’s, Howlin’ Jays, The Woolshed and Gilligans … all night I kept telling them not too get ‘too drunk’ so they would be ok for the next day …

Day 2

I picked them up around 10am and my other friend, Aimee, joined us too. We went for a swim at the beautiful Crystal Cascades waterfall. Then we dropped Aimee home and the next level of FUN kicked off … it was time to blindfold them both for the highlight of the day.

… This bit was so much fun! I drove a couple laps of town and reversed randomly in a few places on route, so they had no idea, and luckily my plan worked. We pulled up at the GSL Aviation in one piece, blindfolds still in tact.

As I got them out of the car they guessed we were doing a Skydive. They were both pretty freaked out with this thought, so I quickly told them the plan – we were going for a Scenic Flight above the Great Barrier Reef!

This was absolutely mesmerising. It really is so spectacular from up there. Thank you so much Steve and the Crew at GSL. You made our day so special! Seeing Ciara as Co-Pilot and Gary’s happy face really made my day.

If you ever come to Cairns make sure you do this! It is mind-blowing. I kept thinking of what I am used to seeing on my dives down below – we live in a wonderful world.

That night it was more drinks in town and watching England get hammered in the World Cup final. We didn’t stay out late, as I had one final surprise up my sleeve!

Day 3

Of course; I took them scuba diving! We went on one of my faves boats, the locally owned; Passions of Paradise. I couldn’t have wished for a more perfect experience for my friends. I had mentioned to the Crew that it was a special occasion and oh boy were we looked after!!

We were treated to the table reserved by the Skipper inside the top deck. It was Ciara’s first ever attempt at diving and they were so lucky to go out on a private Intro-Dive with the lovely Thea.


I was out on my own Certified-Dive when I suddenly realised ”It’s my 25th official dive today and it’s Ciara’s 25th birthday!”. Legit the moment I had that thought; I had a tap on my shoulder – I turned around to see Ciara and Gary behind me. It was the BEST to see them comfortable under the water and loving life.

After diving they both ‘drove’ the boat home some of the way and we all had lots of laughs hanging out the Crew.

We finished our time together with a lovely meal at The Cotton Club (one of the best pub meals in Cairns!).

This is quite a brief run-down of what we did, but as you can imagine – it was such a special three days. I planned everything in advance and it all came together perfectly. We did everything I wanted to, no plans were rumbled and everyone was sooo happy.

In terms of the Crew’s that made it so special, I cannot thank these guys enough

My Crew at AJ Hackett Cairns – Australia’s ONLY Bungy Jump and Giant Jungle Swing.

Steve and his team at GSL Aviation – flying over paradise really is something else. We learned so much with the informative commentary, Ciara was so stoked to be Co-Pilot and on the whole we were just so well looked after.

From the Reservations Crew to the Skipper and everyone in between – Passions of Paradise is a such a unique experience. Everyone went above and beyond for us and we couldn’t be more grateful. Morgan, Thea, Russell, Gareth, Jess and everyone! Thank you guys!

Gary kept saying ”I love Cairns!” often throughout every day. They both mentioned how nice it was to be surrounded by so many kind people who were always helpful, fun and wanting to chat.

I felt really proud of Cairns and of all the unforgettable memories we created. Happy birthday Ciara! Congrats on conquering your fear on the Swing and for taking to diving like a mermaid! Here’s to a great year ahead. 💙

Thank you for reading – please shout me if you ever want any tips for Cairns!




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